Monday, September 8, 2008

MSNBC, hit by charges of liberal bias, yanks Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor chairs

MSNBC yanks Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor chairs: "
NBC correspondent David Gregory will be the only anchor for the cable network's coverage of the presidential debates and of election night, according to this story from The New York Times.
Matthews and Keith Olbermann (above) -- the pro-Obama, anti-Bush anchors who have given MSNBC its identity in this election cycle as the left's antidote to Fox News -- will remain as 'analysts.'

The Times notes that with the two as co-anchors, MSNBC won much higher ratings for its election coverage than in 2004.

But that success came at the expense of alienating some viewers.

At the Republican National Convention, the story says, when vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin 'lamented media bias during her speech, attendees ... loudly chanted 'NBC.' '"