Saturday, August 23, 2008

Top 10 First Aid Mistakes

From cut fingers to electrical burns—what you should and shouldn't do in a home health emergency.

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New way to bull Fight, jump over them: video

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Top 25 College Football Coaches. Who is # 1

These power rankings measure overall career performances as well as their most recent results.

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Cuban taekwondo athlete may earn lifetime ban for kicking ref

Cuban taekwondo athlete may earn lifetime ban for kicking ref - Fourth-Plac... - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports: "Cuban taekwondo competitor Angel Matos and his coach, Leudis Gonzalez, may be permanently banned from Olympics competition after Matos kicked referee Chakir Chelbat. The altercation occurred when Matos was disqualified in the second round of his match with Kazakhstan's Arman Chilmanov."

15 Resources for Finding Jobs in Sports

For sports fans and athletes, the prospect of working for or playing professionally on a favorite team is a fantasy that can become a reality. We’ve put together a list of 15 resources to help you find your dream job in sports.

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Elephants Can Do Simple Math

Researchers in Japan tested the giant mammals by dropping a different number of apples into two baskets. The elephants were able to correctly identify which baskets had more apples 74 percent of the time, and continued with that rate of success even after more apples were added into each basket.

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6 Strange and Mysterious sounds coming from the Earth

Strange and unexplained sounds that are coming mostly from various places on earth. Most of these weird, remarkable sounds remain a mystery to this day. Includes audio.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Teenage DNA sleuths expose New York fish fraud

Teenage DNA sleuths expose New York fish fraud : "Up to a quarter of fish in stores and restaurants in New York City was mislabeled as a more expensive variety, according to samples collected by two U.S. teenagers and tested with modern genetic identification methods.

In the worst cases, two samples of filleted fish sold as red snapper, caught mostly off the southeast United States and in the Caribbean, were instead the endangered Acadian redfish from the North Atlantic, according to the tests, revealed on Friday."

Why Michael Phelps 12000 Calorie Diet is Fake

Why Michael Phelps 12000 Calorie Diet is Fake: "If you have been following Michael Phelps in the Olympics, you have probably read stories about his insane 12000 calorie a day diet and how he eats utter garbage yet manages to perform at the level he does. I can pretty much guarantee he does NOT eat this way on a daily basis, and definitely does not eat this way when competing."

5 Really Weird Things About Water

Water, good ol' H2O, seems like a pretty simple substance to you and me. But in reality, water - the foundation of life and most common of liquid - is really weird and scientists actually don't completely understand how water works.

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5 Ways Baseball Can Modernize The Game

5 Ways Baseball Can Modernize The Game: "Now that baseball has proven that they can adapt to the modern times by adopting Instant Replay, we at the Deuce think it's time for the great American past time to take a few more steps to becoming a modern day sporting bonanza. Here's a few other ways that we think Major League Baseball can take steps towards modernizing the game for the 2000s."

A Collection of Unidentified Monsters : Wacky Archives

A Collection of Unidentified Monsters : Wacky Archives:

They’ve been all over the news in recent years. We still don’t know what they are: mutants, really good photoshop works or some unknown species? So let us take a look at some of most horrifying images of unidentified monsters found across the world, some only made popular by people’s ignorance."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whopping Fish Declared New Species

Whopping Fish Declared New Species | LiveScience: "A man-sized grouper that trolls the tropical waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean for octopuses and crabs has been identified as a new fish species after genetic tests.

Called the goliath grouper, the fish can grow to six feet (1.8 meters) in length and weigh a whopping 1,000 pounds (454 kg). Until now, scientists had grouped this species with an identical looking fish (also called the goliath grouper, or Epinephelus itajara) living in the Atlantic Ocean."

P&G Thinks Nontraditionally for Launch of Unconventional Product

P&G Thinks Nontraditionally for Launch of Unconventional Product - Advertising Age - News: "Procter & Gamble Co. is trying something decidedly new with toothpaste: launching a product designed to be used once a week."

A Short Illustrated History of the Nerd

A Short Illustrated History of the Nerd: "Where did the nerd originate, both as a word an individual and, possibly, a species? What were the original societal perceptions of the nerd? How have these changed over the decades? Enter the world of the nerd and discover for yourself this fascinating and light hearted illustrated history of the origin of the species. Darwin, eat your heart out."

Mygazines - upload. share. archive.:
"Mygazines is your free place to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited magazine articles uploaded by you, the Mygazines community."

Famous Logo Designs

Nice collection of famous logo designs.

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7 Ridiculously Upbeat Songs About Death

The songs are about dying. That's rarely cause for celebration. But there are exceptions. Today, we celebrate seven songs about death that are guaranteed to liven up any party. Even if they don't mean to.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Corvette ZR1 Test Drive

Corvette ZR1 Test Drive - First Video Review of 2009 ZR1 Corvette - Popular Mechanics: "Chevrolet's iconic Corvette has always defined the American sports car. Enter the 2009 Corvette ZR1, a blisteringly fast, stunningly capable reaffirmation of exactly that. Say what you will about such classics as the Viper, Mustang, Camaro and Charger. The ZR1 is a supercar and represents a benchmark for American muscle."

Hear the new Byrne/Eno album before you buy

Hear the new Byrne/Eno album before you buy: "Today, David Byrne and Brian Eno released their new record, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. It's available, in its entirety, as an online stream. They are encouraging anybody who wants to embed it in their Web site to do so."

JUST ASKING: Is Michael Phelps A Douche?

After carefully reviewing extensive photographic evidence of what he looks like when he’s wearing street clothes instead of Speedos, I have to at least ask the question: “Is Michael Phelps a douche?” Before expressing your outrage over this seemingly premature Blagglash, at least allow me to present the following evidence for your consideration

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Spider Webs Glamour & Architecture

Spider Webs Glamour & Architecture

100+ Fun Science Facts You Didn't Know

Ever wondered how many bones there are in the adult human body, and how high a flea can jump? You'll be amazed by what you can learn by reading this article on fun science facts that you didn't know.

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How Video Games Will Improve Your Intelligence

Here is a a list that compiles some of the more famous computer and video game series/genres that will give the various phrenological parts of the brain a serious workout through puzzles, tests and interaction, as well as some of the games hopefully providing a fond sense of nostalgia for some of us! Puzzles.

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Army Moves Ahead with Mobile Laser Cannon

The Army is moving head with plans to mount a laser cannon on a massive, 31-ton-plus truck.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The REAL Olympic medal count - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

The REAL Olympic medal count - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports: "Look, I don't know much about gymnastics, but I do know that landing a vault on two feet is better than landing one on two knees. Olympic gymnastics judges evidently disagree with me, as they awarded China's Cheng Fei a bronze medal yesterday even after she fell on her vault landing. American Alicia Sacramone finished fourth despite, you know, not falling."

VW shows off CC Gold Coast in Monterey

Pebble Beach 2008: VW shows off CC Gold Coast in Monterey - Autoblog: "Volkswagen has used the occasion of this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to unveil its new CC Gold Coast edition."

15 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

There's a whole bunch of jaw-dropping pics that the internet declared 'FAKE!' the moment they appeared. But as it turns out, some of them are, in fact, insanely surreal photographs of weird stuff around the world.

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 want. Enjoy 

Instant Fix: Improve Your Mood

Instant Fix: Improve Your Mood

Confidence Game: How Some People Earn Your Trust Instantly

Behavioral scientists have begun to unravel the inner workings of trust. Researchers have discovered that surprisingly small factors can matter as much or more than what they say about themselves.We size up someone's trustworthiness within milliseconds of meeting them and powerful tendencies prevent us from revising our first impression.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

50 Things 2008 Grads Are Too Young To Remember

Gen Y have read about the Cold War, yet were too young to remember watching the Berlin Wall come down. As the recession looms, I thought of my own experiences as a Gen Xer graduating in the early 90s pre-Internet boom, during a slow economy reminiscent of today.

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Polaroid - a set on Flickr

Polaroid - a set on Flickr

Bigfoot Discovery Declared a Hoax

Bigfoot Discovery Declared a Hoax:
"Alas, the search for Bigfoot continues.

No evidence has emerged to support claims made last week by two men who said they found the corpse of a seven-foot-tall (two-meter-tall) Bigfoot—an apelike creature of North American legend—in the woods of northern Georgia."

The World's Biggest Hole

The world's biggest hole - Get more Creative Writing

iPhone 2.0.2 Update Is Here, Fixes Bugs In iPhone 3G

IPhone: iPhone 2.0.2 Update Is Here, Fixes Bugs In iPhone 3G: "The iPhone 2.0.2 update is here and is supposed to fix a bunch of bugs that users have been seeing since iPhone 2.0 hit. Like Boy Genius said before, it's going to be targeting iPhone 3G users, but the changelog of 'bug fixes' is vague enough to imply that everyone will see some benefit. Grab it now from iTunes"

Top 25 Free iPhone Web Apps for Your Daily Life

Top 25 Free iPhone Web Apps for Your Daily Life

iPhone Web Apps combine the power of the Internet with the simplicity of Multi-Touch technology, all on a 3.5-inch screen. When you find a web app you like, you can put it on your Home screen for easy, one-tap access."

Survivors of 1918 Flu Pandemic Immune 90 Years Later

Survivors of 1918 Flu Pandemic Immune 90 Years Later - "People who lived through the 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million worldwide are still producing antibodies to the virus 90 years later, researchers report.

'Most people have a notion that elderly people have very weak immunity or they have lost immunity,' said lead researcher Dr. James E. Crowe Jr., a professor of pediatrics, microbiology and immunology at Vanderbilt University.

'This study shows that extremely elderly people have retained memory of being infected with the 1918 flu, even 90 years later,' Crowe said."

Apple Enterprise sending thousands of Macs into hotels

Apple's Enterprise Sales Group has been quietly installing thousands of iMacs, Mac minis, Mac Pros, and Xserves in hotels and cruise ships in a new push to bring the media rich experience of Apple's retail stores to the hospitality industry, where hoteliers are seeking to deliver personalized, unique experiences that will impress guests

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The NES 2

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Death Star over San Francisco

How Will Men Die in 2008

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Incredible: Phelps' Miracle Finish Frame-by-Frame Underwater

An underwater frame-by-frame shot of Michael Phelps' .01-second victory in the 100m Butterfly Final."Phelps brought his hands down through the water and touched the wall .01 seconds before Cavic finished his glide to the wall, swiping the gold medal and tying Mark Spitz' record of seven golds at one Olympics."

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Top 10 How To Videos

Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 How To Videos: "Your crafty older relatives used to have to mail-order their video tutorials or wait for 'This Old House' reruns to get their DIY on, but the age of streaming video has been good to those who like to tinker and try out neat tricks. From prying open beer bottles with telephone bills to picking locks, from sealing chips to folding T-shirts, we've posted a lot of concise but instructive clips at Lifehacker. Today we're featuring 10 of our favorites, chosen for the tricks they teach as well as their watchable quality. Get ready to fill some weekend project time."

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