Saturday, September 13, 2008

7 Athletes Who Called Their Shots [And Delivered]

#3. Joe Namath Guarantees Super Bowl III Victory -- During the pre-game media frenzy emotions ran high as Jets quarterback Joe Namath had been the focus of much of the hatred from Colts fans. After dealing with constant heckling that spanned several days, he made a a bold prediction. "We will win the game, I guarantee you," he said to a heckler.

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Twelve-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Boys' Basketball Team For Being Too Good

Twelve-Year-Old Girl Kicked Off Boys' Basketball Team For Being Too Good: "Oh man, those boys on that basketball team are done. Jaime Nared is a 12-year-old, 6-foot, 1-inch basketball player from outside Portland, OR. She's just finished sixth grade and she's now playing with a girls high school traveling team because she's too good to play with girls her own age. Perhaps the next Candace Parker. Or better. But being a prodigy has its costs, namely, where should Nared be playing? The last time she played against girls her own age, her team won 90-7. Her coach described the game as 'like having Shaq on the floor.' Oregon State has already offered her a scholarship."

New Cannabis-Like Drugs Could Block Pain

A new type of drug could alleviate pain in a similar way to cannabis without affecting the brain, according to a new study published in the journal Pain on Monday 15 September.

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The Elephants of Samburu

The Elephants of Samburu — Photo Gallery

Futuristic Concept Cars from the Past

Check out this slideshow of concept cars going as far back as the 1930s to see what car designers of the day imagined the future would be like.

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Diary entry may offer proof that baseball came from England

Julian Pooley, the manager of the Surrey History Centre, said Thursday he has authenticated a reference to baseball in a diary by English lawyer William Bray dating back to 1755 -- about 50 years before what was previously believed to have been the first known reference to what became the American pastime.

"I know his handwriting very well," Pooley told The Associated Press in a telephone interview, adding he believed the game wasn't very common at the time. "He printed it to show it was new to him. He doesn't mention baseball again. It was something that seemed special."

Bray wrote that he played the game with both men and women on the day after Easter, a traditional holiday in England.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Daily Show's First Post-9/11 Show

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World's first amphibian quadbike

World's first amphibian quadbike - Watch more free videos

High Heels For Babies

39 Masterpieces of Creative Advertisements

I believe that strong advertisement is a fastest way to convey the message to the audience and if they are attractive as become inspiration for others so it’s more useful. Sometimes they are just an advertisement but some companies works very hard to make their promotional / advertisement campaign very unique, striking and successful.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Generic Names for Soft Drinks

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Large Hadron Collider Tour

Scientists Puzzled by New Bird Species Discovered in Africa

Scientists Puzzled by New Bird Species Discovered in Africa: "Just over a month since the Smithsonian Institution announced the discovery of new bird species in Africa, little is still known about the olive-backed forest robin named for its distinctive olive back and rump.

Scientists are trying to unravel the little bird’s specific diet, mating and nesting habits, and the species’ complete habitat range, but the dense undergrowth of tropical forest where it was sighted may still offer further surprises."

The Large Hadron Collider - Google Search Logo

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NBC shows return to iTunes after yearlong feud

NBC shows return to iTunes after yearlong feud: "Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the occasion of the company's 'Let's Rock' event in San Francisco to announce that, beginning immediately, NBC shows including 'Heroes' and 'The Office' are available via iTunes for $1.99 per episode or $2.99 for high-definition (HD) versions.

Library titles will sell for 99 cents, and NBC will have the ability to group shows -- like Tina Fey's six favorite episodes of '30 Rock,' for example -- at prices yet to be determined."

100 Free Online Ivy League Courses You Should Take Just for Fun

100 Free Online Ivy League Courses You Should Take Just for Fun:
"Even those without top notch grades can now go to Ivy League schools. With the the availability of open courseware classes coming out of some of the finest schools in America, the range of subjects is astounding. If you have ever wondered about the beginnings of Hip Hop, wanted to learn a new language, would like to create a film for social change, or are interested in learning about robotics while playing with Legos, then these courses are right up your alley. All you need to do is click on any one of these courses below to have access to free, online education."

Abandoned Train Station in Gagra, Abkhazia

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New iPod Nano

New design. New features. Now in 8GB and 16GB.

Umbrella Today?

We will text message you on days you'll need umbrella with our weather report.

Macro Photography of Dew

Every Dew Drop has Heaven in It:

"Although a paraphrase, the title says is all. Pay a visit to the macro universe and see for yourself the beauty of the dew drop. Stunning photography and an explanation of the science behind the phenomena will convince you!"

Save Your Sensible

The 28 Best Wii Games Everyone Should Play

Nintendo's fifth video game console, the Wii, has only been on store shelves for less than two years (and that's not counting the months after its release where it was impossible to find in stores), but the its already building an extensive library of excellent games. Read on as GamePro names the 28 games every Wii owner should play!

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iPhone 2.1 Software Update comes Friday

iPhone 2.1 Software Update comes Friday: "Apple will offer a new iPhone firmware 2.1 starting this Friday. Steve Jobs just announced the new iPhone software update at the Apple Event in San Francisco.
The new iPhone 2.1 software update is supposed to fix lots of bugs and should reduce the number of bugs.

Additionally the new iPhone software update for the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G is supposed to enhance the performance and the battery life. The iPhone software update will be free again."

Bucket Ball!

Apple Announces iTunes 8 and New iPods

8 Vaguely Named Professions: Explained!

We dug deep to find the dirt on a few of the most vaguely named and/or unknown professions in our American capitalist system.

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6 Utterly Loyal Dogs

Faithful, loyal, devoted, steadfast -that’s a good dog. It’s part of what they are. Here are six who give a new meaning to the word loyalty.

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I Think You're Fat - Radical Honesty

I Think You're Fat - Radical Honesty:
"The Radical Honesty movement was founded by a sixty-six-year-old Virginia-based psychotherapist named Brad Blanton. He says everybody would be happier if we just stopped lying. Tell the truth, all the time. This would be radical enough -- a world without fibs -- but Blanton goes further. He says we should toss out the filters between our brains and our mouths. If you think it, say it. Confess to your boss your secret plans to start your own company. If you're having fantasies about your wife's sister, Blanton says to tell your wife and tell her sister. It's the only path to authentic relationships. It's the only way to smash through modernity's soul-deadening alienation. Oversharing? No such thing."

ESPN - Report: Armstrong to come out of retirement and ride for Astana - Cycling

ESPN - Report: Armstrong to come out of retirement and ride for Astana - Cycling: "Seven-time champion Lance Armstrong will come out of retirement and compete in next year's Tour de France, VeloNews reported Monday, citing sources close to the situation.

Armstrong, who will turn 37 on Sept. 18, will join the Astana team and compete in five road races, the sources told VeloNews.

He will compete in the Amgen Tour of California, Paris-Nice, the Tour de Georgia, the Dauphine-Libere and the Tour de France. The sources told VeloNews that Armstrong will receive no salary or bonuses.

Armstrong's manager, Mark Higgins, would not comment."

Ten things you don’t know about the Earth

Look around you. Unless you’re one of the Apollo astronauts, you’ve lived your entire life within a few hundred kilometers of the surface of the Earth. There’s a whole planet beneath your feet, 6.6 sextillion tons of it, one trillion cubic kilometers of it. But how well do you know it?

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Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life

Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life: "A team of biologists and chemists is closing in on bringing non-living matter to life.

It's not as Frankensteinian as it sounds. Instead, a lab led by Jack Szostak, a molecular biologist at Harvard Medical School, is building simple cell models that can almost be called life.

Szostak's protocells are built from fatty molecules that can trap bits of nucleic acids that contain the source code for replication. Combined with a process that harnesses external energy from the sun or chemical reactions, they could form a self-replicating, evolving system that satisfies the conditions of life, but isn't anything like life on earth now, but might represent life as it began or could exist elsewhere in the universe."

Countdown starts in quest to pierce secrets of Universe

Particle physicists believe they will throw open a new frontier of knowledge on Wednesday when, 100 metres (325 feet) below ground, they switch on a mega-machine crafted to unveil the deepest mysteries of matter.

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100 Skills Every Man Should Know: 2008's Ultimate DIY List

Brains and charm are fine, but a real guy needs to know how to do real stuff. After months of debate among Popular Mechanics' expert editors, here’s our lineup of essential skills, broken down in 10 categories for the competent man—and ready for endless debate.

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Boy Brings $880 in Counterfeit 20s to Elementary School

Apparently, even 8-year-olds know that if you want to make friends and influence people, handing out free money is solid approach. The only trouble with that plan is that the money should probably be real.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Play With Spider - Flash 3D

found by Anistyn

Ike's projected path

Sep. 8 - A map of Hurricane Ike's projected path shows the storm heading towards the Gulf coast of Texas.

Fish flies out of lake, breaks teen's jaw

found by Tammi

Fish flies out of lake, breaks teen's jaw: "LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas - A teenager's jaw was broken when a fish flew from the lake where he was riding in an inner tube and smacked him in the face.

Seth Russell, 15, was cruising Lake Chicot in Arkansas on a large inner tube towed by a boat when a Silver Asian carp leaped from the water and hit him in the face. Seth was knocked unconscious.

'He doesn't remember anything at all,' the boy's mother, Linda Russell, said last week. 'He was laughing, and the next thing he remembers, he is waking in a hospital.'"

Dock your iPod in a $600 Victrola

Dock your iPod in a $600 Victrola: "Dock your new music thing into an old music thing. It’s the Phonofone II, Limited Edition in Black and it’s designed by Tristan Zimmerman with only 200 of the devices available for sale. It looks like yet another iPod speaker dock in the shape of a Victrola but this time it’s different, I swear. It uses no power except the power of your iPod Classic or iPod Touch to amplify music through the horn part of the Phonofone II at 55 decibels."

'Spore' is a game for all gamers

'Spore' is a game for all gamers:
Easy enough for casual gamers; core gamers will go nuts for space phase
"Few games charm as quickly as 'Spore.' Seconds into the game, you slip into the primordial ooze with your single-cell organism. The creature blinks at you with a now-what helplessness that fosters the kind of emotional attachment that so many epic adventure games loaded with 40-hour story arcs and blockbuster cinematics can only hope for.

It's like you've been handed a baby. You want so much for it to grow up and make something of itself. You know, like a four-legged bird with a spiky tail. Or a blobby serpent with 18 eyes going down its spine."

New satellite to give Google Maps unprecedented resolution

Google has taken the war over exclusive web content into space. Not directly, of course—the satellite that was recently launched into space on a rocket bearing the Google logo was the result of a joint venture between a commercial satellite imaging provider and the department of defense.

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MSNBC, hit by charges of liberal bias, yanks Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor chairs

MSNBC yanks Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from anchor chairs: "
NBC correspondent David Gregory will be the only anchor for the cable network's coverage of the presidential debates and of election night, according to this story from The New York Times.
Matthews and Keith Olbermann (above) -- the pro-Obama, anti-Bush anchors who have given MSNBC its identity in this election cycle as the left's antidote to Fox News -- will remain as 'analysts.'

The Times notes that with the two as co-anchors, MSNBC won much higher ratings for its election coverage than in 2004.

But that success came at the expense of alienating some viewers.

At the Republican National Convention, the story says, when vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin 'lamented media bias during her speech, attendees ... loudly chanted 'NBC.' '"

Large Hadron Collider to Go Online This Week Despite Death Threats

Large Hadron Collider to Go Online This Week Despite Death Threats: "Despite death threats, fears, and anger among some people worldwide, the LHC's scientists plan to continue with its opening undeterred

The $8B USD Large Hadron Collider will go online next week, becoming the world's most powerful particle accelerator. It promises answer to some of the universe's most elusive questions. Among these is the nature of the legendary Higgs boson, a particle long theorized but never observed, which is thought to determine how much things weigh. The collider, which consists of 7 TeV proton beams harnessed by electromagnets to collide within a 27 km (17 mi) circular tunnel, is expected to unlock many other mysteries such as the differences between matter and antimatter."

Chewing gum may help you concentrate

Chewing gum may help you concentrate: "It's Monday morning, and if you have a lot of work to catch up on or a deadline to meet, consider popping a piece of gum.

There's a new study from Australia that found chewing gum not only raises alertness, it also reduces stress and anxiety. Study participants were subjected to a test called DISS (Defined Intensity Stressor Simulation). The gum chewers also had 'significant improvement in overall performance on multi-tasking activities.'

The study was done in conjunction with Wrigley, and their Wrigley Science Institute. I'm not discounting the study results, but I also think that's something to keep in mind. What do you think about this study?"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rap about world's largest science experiment is YouTube hit

The start up of the biggest experiment on the planet has inspired a science rap song that has become an unlikely global hit.

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Scientists Find Our Eyes Evolved for X-Ray Vision

The advantage of using two eyes to see the world around us has long been associated solely with our capacity to see in three dimensions. Now, a study by scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York and the California Institute of Technology has uncovered an eye-opening advantage to binocular vision: the ability to see through things.

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