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Why Old Athletes Come Back

Why Old Athletes Come Back | LiveScience: "Maybe its the fear of turning 40. Maybe its the feeling of unfinished business. Maybe its the fire in the belly that has not quite extinguished. For retired elite athletes, the itch is always there to make a return after experiencing 'life after sport'. For some, it becomes too strong to ignore."

When Triumph Met Blaine

Hospital tells grandfather, 71, that he's pregnant

Hospital tells grandfather, 71, that he's pregnant: "PORTLAND, Ore. - A patient treated for agonizing abdominal pain received this surprising news in the hospital's paperwork: 'Based on your visit today, we know you are pregnant.' Surprising indeed for 71-year-old John Grady Pippen.

The staff at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach gave the retired mechanic and logger the ridiculously happy news this month, along with some pain pills.

Hospital administrator William McMillan says an errant keystroke caused the hospital's computer to spit out the wrong discharge instructions for the grandfather."

10 Innovative Camping Products

10 Innovative Camping Products: "Are you planning a family camping vacation? Are you planning to take the best camping equipment along with you when vacationing in the outdoors?

Here are the 10 latest and most innovative camping equipments and gadgets."

Man accused of posing as Dodger on field

Man accused of posing as Dodger on field: "LOS ANGELES - A man faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing a uniform from Dodger Stadium and posing as one of the team's players.

Ronald Higgins pleaded not guilty to several charges Friday, including burglary and trespassing.

The 47-year-old Higgins was arrested Wednesday morning after a security guard found him walking on the field in a Dodgers uniform and holding a glove with two balls. Higgins allegedly identified himself as a Dodgers player, but the guard recognized him from an earlier incident and called police.

Prosecutors say Higgins' clothes were later found in the bat boys' locker room. It was not immediately clear where he got the uniform.

If convicted, Higgins could spend nearly four years in state prison.

Attempts to locate an attorney for Higgins were not successful Friday night."

Mug Shot Montage

This guy has been arrested 1,332 times in the same town in Kentucky. Of course, with arrests come mug shots, and what’s the point of having 1,332 mug shots of the same dude unless you’re going to create a montage out of it? For those of you who are still looking for a hero, I’d like you to meet Henry Earl:

Priest Counsels Couple, Then Moves In With Wife

Priest Counsels Couple, Then Moves In With Wife: "A west suburban man is suing a former Catholic priest for allegedly providing marriage counseling to the man and his estranged wife, then quitting the church and moving in with the wife.

Stephen Crane of Elmhurst filed the lawsuit in Will County Circuit Court against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet and Christopher Floss, a former priest at the Elmhurst Visitation Parish.

The suit seeks damages relating to his divorce and the breakup of the family. Crane accuses Floss of professional negligence, infliction of emotional distress and alienation of affection. The church is charged with negligent supervision and retention of the priest.

According to the suit, Stephen and Maureen Crane sought marriage counseling from Floss in the spring of 2006 at the church rectory. But in October 2006, at Floss' suggestion, Maureen Crane began individual counseling with Floss, both at the church and in the family home, the suit claims."

Learning From Mistakes Only Works After Age 12, Study Suggests

Learning From Mistakes Only Works After Age 12, Study Suggests: "Eight-year-old children have a radically different learning strategy from twelve-year-olds and adults. Eight-year-olds learn primarily from positive feedback ('Well done!'), whereas negative feedback ('Got it wrong this time') scarcely causes any alarm bells to ring. Twelve-year-olds are better able to process negative feedback, and use it to learn from their mistakes. Adults do the same, but more efficiently."

UCLA mathematicians discover a 13-million-digit prime number

UCLA mathematicians discover a 13-million-digit prime number: "UCLA mathematicians appear to have won a $100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for discovering a 13-million-digit prime number that has long been sought by computer users.

While the prize money is nothing special, the bragging rights for discovering the 46th known Mersenne prime are huge.

'We're delighted,' said UCLA's Edson Smith, leader of the effort. 'Now we're looking for the next one, despite the odds,' which are thought to be about one in 150,000 that any number tested will be a Mersenne prime.

Prime numbers are those, like three, seven and 11, that are divisible only by themselves and one. Mersenne primes, named after the 17th century French mathematician Marin Mersenne, who discovered them, take the form 2P - 1, where P is also a prime number."

Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta: 10 Movies that Teach You to Commit Crimes

Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta: 10 Movies that Teach You to Commit Crimes: "Movies teach us many things in life, ranging from how to win over the love of your life with quippy dialogue to how to survive on a plane full of snakes. However, one thing they often ignore is how to commit specific crimes. The problem with most crime movies is that they’re vague about how a crime is actually being committed on a technical level. Luckily, the following films provide key lessons on exactly how to pull off a variety of crimes."

Backflip on Wire

The World's Most Spectacular Obelisks

The World's Most Spectacular Obelisks: "Obelisks were built in order to honor or commemorate important people or events in history. Here's a list of the most notable obelisks from around the world."

R.I.P. Paul Newman

Disney plans huge bowling alley

Disney plans huge bowling alley : "One of the country's largest bowling alleys will be built at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on the grounds of Walt Disney World Resort, executives said at a business briefing Wednesday.

The 100-lane bowling center represents a bid for Disney to capture a largely ignored and potentially gigantic piece of the sports tourism market.

'The sports tourism market is really growing and we want to grow with it,' said Ken Potrock, senior vice president of sports enterprises, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. 'We needed to create a project where we would be able to bring in the single-largest tournaments.'"

Friday, September 26, 2008

6 Baffling Mistakes Every Movie Criminal Makes

According to the movies, those who choose a career in organized crime are genuine mental enigmas so puzzling they make John Nash look like Kevin Federline. These people have made a career out of evading law enforcement and bypassing high-level security systems, yet when it comes down to making some common sense decisions, they are utter morons.

If you are looking for a life of crime, here's a Hollywood guide on what not to do:

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Pam’s Summer Art Project RyanYEAH!!

Pam’s Summer Art Project RyanYEAH!!: "Not sure if you missed it, but last night, Pam from the office showed us what she had been working on in art school. Here it is in all its ASCII glory. Clicky for a large, printable version."

Prehistoric Giant Goose Skull Found

Blogger: found by Pat - Edit Post "Prehistoric Giant Goose Skull Found"
Prehistoric Giant Goose Skull Found | LiveScience: "Scientists have found a new huge and well-preserved fossil of a goose and duck relative that swam around what is now England 50 million years ago flashing sharp, toothy smiles.

The skull, discovered on the Isle of Sheppey off the southeast coast of England in the Thames Estuary, belonged to a huge ancient bird in the extinct genus Dasornis, which had a whopping 16-foot (5-meter) wingspan."

At Home, Women Rule

At Home, Women Rule | LiveScience: "Men might strut their stuff on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill, but across America women wield the power on the home front.

A survey by the Pew Research Center, announced today, finds that among 43 percent of couples the woman makes more of the decisions in the domestic realm than men do.

By contrast, men make more of the decisions in only about a quarter of all couples. And about three-in-ten couples split decision-making responsibilities equally.

The results support research published last year that found women have more power at home than their husbands. The past research was based on videos of the couples rather than self-reports about decisions, as is the case for the new study."

Report: workers spend 25% of work time goofing around online

Report: workers spend 25% of work time goofing around online: "If you're reading this while your boss thinks you're hammering away on some code or updating that Excel spreadsheet, then you're likely one of the workers that spend about 25 percent of their work time doing personal stuff online. And chances are that your boss doesn't even know it."

The punk rock turtle with a bright green mohawk

found by Amy

The punk rock turtle with a bright green mohawk: "He may be an endangered species, but this turtle clearly has attitude.

The punk rock-loving Mary River Turtle was photographed in the Mary River near Kenilworth, Australia sporting a fetching bright green mohawk.

But the attractive specimen, who has one blue eye, wasn't making a political protest - his green hairdo is just algae growing on his head."

Handshake key to landing a job, scientists claim

Handshake key to landing a job, scientists claim:
A good smile and a smart appearance may be key tactics for job seekers but they mean nothing when compared to a well-delivered handshake, a new study

"Research by the University of Iowa found applicants - especially women - with a firm handshake are far more likely to get the job than candidates with a limp grip.

A solid handshake was found to be more important than dress or physical appearance as it set off the interviewer's impression of that person."

Greatest moment from Magum P.I.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Jack Cards

Jack Cards: "Jack Cards, created by two buds in 2005, is an amazing greeting card website -- with a little twist. You shop for and purchase greeting cards on the site, they mail the cards to you, you receive the cards, sign and personalize them and then drop 'em in the mail. On time. They will even stamp and address the envelope for you, if you wish."

6 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Canceled

6 TV Shows That Should Never Have Been Canceled: "It’s weird to think that a show can have millions of avid fans and still be seen as a loser to the TV execs. While things that make our eyes bleed like “What I Like About You” or that Dawson’s River show (river, stream, creek, whatever) seemed to run on forever, here’s our countdown of shows that should still be on the air today."

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

iPhone fingers

iPhone fingers: "Well it isn’t as disturbing as salad fingers but it is just as odd. iPhone compatible gloves. The product is called Dot Gloves and lets you interact with just about any touch screen device thanks to special dots in the fingertips. Which is great for broad general stuff but can you imagine typing up an email with gloves on? Well if you can they are fifteen bucks for a pair of knot gloves and twenty for a pair of Ragg wool."

New Lincoln Pennies

for the record... I wish we would stop making pennies - P

New Lincoln Pennies: "Next year, the design on the US penny will change for the first time in 50 years. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, the US Mint will replace the Lincoln Memorial on the back to four different scenes from Lincoln’s life. The first pennies will be released on February 12th, 2009 (Licoln’s actual birthday) and feature the log cabin where he was born in Kentucky. The other designs will be introduced in three-month intervals."

Large Hadron Collider out of action until spring

Large Hadron Collider out of action until spring: "The huge Large Hadron Collider, built to simulate the conditions at the very start of the universe, will not restart until spring 2009, says the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

The Swiss-based LHC only sent the first proton beam on a full circuit of its 27-kilometre-long tunnel two weeks ago, on 10 September (see the first images from the working LHC). But helium used to cool the collider's delicate recording apparatusleaked into the tunnel on Saturday.

The most likely cause of the leak was a faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's giant magnets, CERN says."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prank Wasp - Give the Gift of Heart Attacks

Prank Wasp - Give the Gift of Heart Attacks: "Everyone knows someone why is just going nuts when they see a bee, wasp or mosquito. Aim for them with the R/C flap wasp."

Willie Nelson rocks!

Willie Nelson, shown at a recent concert in Germany, should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Willie Nelson rocks! - Music - "Willie Nelson. He deserves to be in just for his songwriting ('Crazy,' 'Funny How Time Slips Away,' 'Night Life,' 'On the Road Again'). But when you factor in his hitmaking ability, his prominent place in the 'outlaw country' movement of the '70s, his nonstop touring, his leadership in the Farm Aid movement and his experiments with reggae, jazz and countless other forms of music, his induction seems like a no-brainer. Of course the Hall doesn't have many country artists in it. But if its definition of rock 'n' roll is broad enough to include Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Madonna, Miles Davis and The Flamingos, it should be broad enough to include Willie Nelson."

MoGo Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

MoGo Wireless Bluetooth Mouse: "The MoGo Wireless Mouse is a business-card sized, Bluetooth-enabled mouse that stores and recharges neatly inside (yes, inside…) your laptop’s PC card slot. To recharge your MoGo Mouse, just slide it into the empty PC card slot in your laptop. It will fully recharge in less than an hour and provide you with enough power for about 8 or 9 hours of use."

Monday, September 22, 2008

The 7 Ugliest Cars Ever Built

Auto makers employ some of the world’s most skilled designers to help them create the general aesthetic for their brand, and the subtle nuances that help create an identity for each of their models. Sex appeal has always played a role in car design, as sales are often driven as much by functionality as they are by desire.

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Americans text more than they talk

Americans text more than they talk | News - Wireless - CNET News: "American cell phone users are sending more text messages than they are making phone calls, according to a Nielsen Mobile survey released Monday.

For the second quarter of 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received on average 357 text messages per month, compared with making and receiving 204 phone calls a month, according to Nielsen. The new statistic is a clear indication that Americans have jumped onto the SMS text bandwagon."

The Musical Road

Incredible Rolling Bridge in London

Rather than a conventional opening bridge mechanism, consisting of a single rigid element that lifts to let boats pass, the Rolling Bridge gets out of the way by curling up until its two ends touch.

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Relative Size

How - video powered by Metacafe

The Most Disgusting Apartment Ever ~

The Most Disgusting Apartment Ever ~

8 Food Myths Busted!

8 Food Myths Busted!
By Joy Bauer, PARADE Magazine

Food myths are created from outdated science, old wives' tales, and a bit of wishful thinking. They stick around because they are so familiar. But every now and then, you need to take another look at information you believe is true and change with the times. How many of these common myths are still part of your nutrition playbook?

Certain foods can burn fat.


According to the "negative calorie effect," the act of chewing and digesting certain foods burns up more calories than the food itself contains. Cucumbers, celery, and grapefruit top the list of foods rumored to have "negative calorie" value. However, while it may seem as if you expend a lot of energy when you chew, in reality, chewing eats up only about 11 measly calories per hour. Low-calorie, high-nutrient foods certainly will help you lose weight—not because they create negative calories, but because you’re munching on them instead of crackers, chips, and cookies.

It's better to eat six mini meals than three squares.


As long as your food choices for the entire day are healthy and not too high in calories, either eating style can work. I find that many people prefer to eat more volume less frequently because of hectic schedules or heartier appetites. If that sounds like you, just be sure to keep your daily calories in check, and try not to go longer than four to five hours without eating. Doing so may make your blood sugar drop, causing low energy, headaches, and overeating in response to feeling blah. Have small snacks on hand—such as fruit, nonfat yogurt, or a bag of baby carrots—in case you're running late for lunch or dinner.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than frozen ones.


You may actually get more nutrients from some frozen fruits and vegetables. The same holds true for some canned vegetables. That's because the "fresh" produce you just bought at the grocery store may be a lot older than you think. After being harvested, produce can spend days being sorted, packaged, and then shipped, often cross-country. During that time, fluctuations in light and temperature rob fruits and vegetables of important nutrients such as vitamin C and folate.

The negative side of processing comes down to three factors: taste, texture, and additives. Frozen foods rarely taste as good as fresh, and processing can change the consistency of many items. Food manufacturers often add salt, sugar, and fat to otherwise healthy products. If you become a label sleuth, you can bypass foods that contain these additives. One final note: Items frozen in bags should move about freely, because clumping indicates that the product has been thawed and then refrozen.

Decaf coffee has no caffeine.


My caffeine investigation found that decaf varieties contain between 8 and 32 milligrams of high-octane zip, depending on the cup size. Although this is significantly less than regular Joe (a typical 8-ounce cup provides 100-150 milligrams of caffeine), even a small amount may matter to caffeine-sensitive people. My advice: If you struggle with insomnia, stick with caffeine-free herbal tea starting late afternoon.

Margarine is better than butter.


Butter contains saturated fat that, when eaten in excess, can raise "bad" (LDL) cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. For that reason, some people use margarine as a substitute. The problem with margarine—specifically stick margarine—is that it contains trans fats, which increase LDL cholesterol and lower the "healthy" (HDL) cholesterol. Double whammy!

Your best bet is a soft-tub vegetable spread that says "trans-fat free"— it will be low in saturated fat as well. If you're watching your calories, opt for soft-tub brands in "reduced fat" or "light" versions.

Bananas are fattening.


One medium banana has only about 105 calories—you'd have to eat at least six to equal one slice of New York-style pizza! Bananas are a good source of fiber, magnesium, and potassium, all of which can help manage blood pressure. They're also a good source of vitamin B6, which helps boost your immune system. What's more, they're portion-controlled, portable, and don't require refrigeration. Enjoy them sliced into cereal, mixed with nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese, or frozen for a yummy dessert. (On the other hand, I can't recommend packaged "banana chips," which have added fat and sugar and are loaded with calories.)

Cravings are your body's way of telling you it needs something.


It's a convenient excuse, but a craving is not a signal that your body "needs" a specific nutrient. Scientists have gone to great lengths to test this assumption. Imagine that you have a chocolate craving (as far-fetched as I know that must be!). You are given the choice of a nutrient-rich (but not flavorful) cocktail that mimics the chemicals found in chocolate, or a candy bar that looks, smells, and tastes like chocolate but contains no authentic chocolate compounds. Which do you think would satisfy your craving most—the chocolate nutrients or the chocolate taste? In actual psychological studies, taste won, hands down.

Cravings are driven by emotions and psychology. We crave foods we enjoy and associate with pleasurable times. For example, you may crave hamburgers because you downright love the taste, or because you have strong and happy memories of eating them at family barbecues—not because you're deficient in protein or iron. Of course, hormonal changes also can be responsible for cravings. Ice cream and pickles, anyone?

Cooking veggies destroys their vitamin content.


Cooking actually boosts your body's ability to absorb the nutrients in some vegetables. For example, the cancer-fighting phytonutrient lycopene is stronger in cooked tomato sauce than in raw tomatoes. That said, many nutrients will be lost with the wrong cooking technique. The most important rule: Do not overboil veggies! Nutrients will slip out of the vegetables and into the boiling water, so all that goodness will be lost. To retain the most nutrition, steam, roast, or microwave with as little water as possible, and keep cooking time to a minimum.

More Nutrition content on MSN Health & Fitness:

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Courtesy of PARADE

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Chicken-footed duck scared of water

Ananova - Chicken-footed duck scared of water: "A Chinese farmer is baffled after he bought a duck that has feet like a chicken and is scared of water.

Curious villagers in Huangjin village, Xicheng town, are flocking to the home of Fu Haiwen to see the duck.

Fu said he bought the duck in June but did not notice its unusual feet for ten days, reports Laibin News.

It was only after he noticed it acting differently to the rest of the ducks that he examined it closely and was surprised to see it did not have webbed feet.

'It never went with the other ducks to swim in the river,' he explained."

Bubba Eats a Taco Bell Bean Burrito

Cat vs Printer

Freestyle Rap Battle Translated

diggNATION - Episode 168 - Hoppin It Up at Michelob Brewing Company

Spider Outside My House

Boy, 3, praised for saving mother

Boy, 3, praised for saving mother: "A three-year-old boy has saved his mother's life by dialling 999 after she suffered an epileptic fit.

Jack Thomson used his mother's mobile to call the emergency services and told them she was lying sick in the hallway and his father was at work.

The phone then cut-out. Undeterred, the youngster found another mobile and dialled 999 again."

Deadly Spiders

Radiohead "All I Need"