Saturday, May 2, 2009

Florida Officers Battle Drivers in Legal Street Races

Florida Officers Battle Drivers in Legal Street Races: Top News Stories at "If you talk to Anthony Gonzalez, you will realize quickly that there is no talking him into slowing down on the road.

'Adrenaline rush -- the closer I feel to getting killed, the more I love it,' Gonzalez said.

The trick is controlling the passion for racing from spilling onto public roadways."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Body Invaders

100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds

Empire State Building: Made by Hand

Empire State Building: Made by Hand - LIFE: "The 102-story Art Deco tower in Midtown Manhattan known as the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world from its completion on May 1, 1931, until the World Trade Center eclipsed it in 1972. It was the product of the labor of 3,400 men."

British explorers discover world's largest cave

British explorers discover world's largest cave deep in Vietnamese jungle | Mail Online: "A British caving team believe they have discovered the world's largest cave passage in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle.

The rocky passage is 150metres long and measures a towering 200metres in height - seven times as high as the vaulted ceiling of York Cathedral."

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Flickr Photo Download: Great Garbage Patch

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slang of the 1920's

Slang of the 1920's:
The twenties were the first decade to emphasize youth culture over the older generations, and the flapper sub-culture had a tremendous influence on main stream America; many new words and phrases were coined by these liberated women. Many of these are still used today!"

Human landscapes from above

Human landscapes from above - The Big Picture -

Extreme Gigapixel Photo - Look into everyone's apartment

Steve Wiebe sets Donkey Kong Jr. world record

Steve Wiebe sets Donkey Kong Jr. world record: "Steve Wiebe, the lovable protagonist from the documentary The King of Kong, recently became too impatient to wait until E3 to crush a classic gaming high score. Twin Galaxies, the unofficial scorekeepers of global gaming records recently announced that Wiebe had set a new high score of 1,139,800 for Donkey Kong Jr., surpassing the previous record of 1,033,000 set by Ike Hall."

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Exploring the re-wiring of the brain

Our Favorite Drugs

Baby Squirrel Needs A Little Help

Baby Squirrel Needs A Little Help: "So a big squirrel was trying to show a baby squirrel how to jump a wall… but the baby squirrel was just too little. Some human intervention was required and the baby squirrel makes it up and over."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A World of Ants

A World of Ants - The New York Times: "Ants in arid climates must store food to survive long periods of dearth. In the deserts of North America, Myrmecocystus honeypot ants use their bodies as living containers, their bodies swelling with liquid reserves that they regurgitate to nest mates when needed."

Web Site Offers Anonymous Chats With Strangers

Web Site Offers Anonymous Chats With Strangers - "Even from its earliest days, the Internet has promised to bring together people based on common interests rather than ZIP codes. But the sudden rise of a new Web site suggests some people are growing weary of all that sameness.
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Omegle offers “completely anonymous” chats with random strangers. connects its users with random, anonymous strangers for a private, real-time chat. The site, which started last month, was developed by Leif K-Brooks, an 18-year-old amateur Web programmer and high school student in Vermont who was worried that people’s Web interactions had “become stagnant.”"

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Power of Water

The Link Between Sleep and Memory

Health for Life: The Link Between Sleep and Memory: "For many years, people believed that the brain, like the body, rested during sleep. After all, we are rendered unconscious by sleep. Perhaps, it was thought, the brain just needs to stop thinking for a few hours every day. Wrong. During sleep, our brain—the organ that directs us to sleep—is itself extraordinarily active. And much of that activity helps the brain to learn, to remember and to make connections."

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Noteboek from Evelien Lohbeck on Vimeo.

Billie Jean