Saturday, March 15, 2008

How the Pros Pick Clubs

TaylorMade has a new driver debuting in mid-April and an unorthodox new putter coming out a few weeks before that. So at the Arnold Palmer Invitational here this week, the company is pulling out all the stops to get as many PGA Tour pros as possible to adopt the new clubs.

It's official, the El Camino is back

The rumors were true -- GM has brought back the historic truck-car as a Pontiac. Jalopnik and have exclusive photos and video of the new mullet-mobile and the details on how GM's going to let the public name it.

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DIY Network Promo

john mayer - gravity (studio version)

Paris Hilton Lied To Whole World

There is life out there but it's probably stupid

EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS will probably never phone Earth in a way we can understand because they are unlikely to have evolved human-like intelligence.

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Study: Native Americans Can Trace DNA to 6 Women

A new study of DNA suggests nearly all Native Americans can trace part of their ancestry to just six women, whose descendants immigrated to North, Central and South America as much as 20,000 years ago.


Slow Motion Tomato in a Blender

Why is it legal to pay someone for sex on camera?

Having sex on camera for an adult film generally won't get Jenna Jameson in trouble, but doing it with a john is illegal everywhere except in parts of Nevada. What's the difference between porn and prostitution?

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Who designed this site? Elmo?

Who designed this site? Elmo?

The Miserable Life, Death and Immortality of Hank Williams

In his short but spectacular career in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Williams helped bring country music out of backwoods honky-tonks and into the mainstream. Williams’s timeless songs crossed over into other genres easily, musicians of every imaginable style have performed his work, including the Bee Gees, Lawrence Welk, and the Grateful Dead

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Photoshoped animals into fruits

Following are some awesome Image editing that must be done by some Photoshop Guru. In all the images, an animal is merged with some fruit but in such a fine way that its looking pretty real.

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Guinness Stout Beef Stew Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day!

Guinness Stout Beef Stew is rich and hearty and a perfect meal to serve on a cold day. And it's perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Have a Guinness with your Guinness Stew!

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10 HARD Ways to Make Your Life Better

Here are ten things that are really hard to do but which have an incredible power to make your life better.

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Awareness Test - a classic

Awareness Test - Watch more free videos

Bad Movie Physics -- A Report Card [Chart]

Which space travel movies violate which 11 crucial laws of physics? Find out in this chart.

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Japanese Hot Girl Math

The Japanese think they've discovered a mathematical formula to find the hottest chicks ever.

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Ludacris’ Rap Map of US Area Codes

In the song ‘Area Codes’, Ludacris brags about the area codes where he knows women, whom he refers to as ‘hoes’,” says Ms Gray, who plotted out all the area codes mentioned in this song on a map of the United States. She arrived at some interesting conclusions as to the locations of this rapper’s preferred female companionship.

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Google Sky Released!

Now you can explore the universe without Google earth...

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Friday, March 14, 2008

It’s All in the Preparation

You would think that if something tastes terrible, it would just be left alone. If it kills you, why would you ever mess with it again?

Ledger's Joker Makes Dramatic Entrance...

Ledger's Joker Makes Dramatic Entrance...

9 Simple Strategies to Getting Things Done At Work

9 Simple Strategies to Getting Things Done At Work

10 Tested Ways To Get Rid Of Your Irritating Girlfriend

1:) Make her wait for ages… when the dates are planned by her and, even worse when they are planned by you.

2:) Do not ever use a deodorant when you’re around her. Make it a point to munch on onions before you meet her.

3:) Attend as many calls as you can when she’s spending time with you… it helps if the one calling is you’re ex-girlfriend and it’s even better if it’s your ’supposedly’ intimate boyfriend.

4:) Be as GAY as you can!

5:) Make sure you invite her best friend every time you go out with her, and hit on her friend (doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl) as shamelessly as you can. The drool-pot is a sure winner!

6:) Dress as horrendously as you possible can. Colour combinations are a strict NO-NO, unless you’re planning on doing a fluorescent orange and bright pink combo. Classic!

7:) Gorge yourself on food, hers, yours, her friend’s and make sure food spills out of your mouth every minute or so, during your lunch or dinner dates.

8:) BURP! As often and as loudly as you can. Gaseous emanations of other kinds are also sure ways to your ultimate triumph!

9:) Make sure she realises you’re not busy, but pretend to be as busy as you can possibly be when she’s around… she’ll get the hint… or even better, pair it up with being a schedule freak.

10:) Pretend you have a serious crotch infection, or a fetish or an obsession for everything down under!

By Dan and Jennifer

The 12 Commandments Of First Dates

Tom Cruise's Insane Scientology Birthday Party Video

Watch Tom Cruise do the worm and other various dance moves at his Scientology sponsored birthday party.

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Spitzer Call Girl cashes in on scandal

The call-girl who ruined the New York governor has moved to use her new-found celebrity to boost her flagging singing career. Ashley Alexandra Dupre downloaded a new track to an online music-seller just hours after she was exposed as the prostitute 'Kristen' who was caught on tape talking about Spitzer.

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Active Hate Groups in the U.S. (GRAPH)

The dwindling Ku Klux Klan may seem like a relic of crueler times, but the number of hate groups operating in the United States has actually jumped a staggering 48 percent since 2000. Many of these groups have sprouted along the border in Arizona, California and Texas, where their ringleaders have often hijacked the immigration debate.

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Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board (Jun, 1936)

8 Major Scandals from 8 Minor Sports

While baseball may have steroids and football may have illicit videotaping, many minor sports outside the mainstream have been shaken by major scandals of their own. Here are eight of our favorites that don’t involve performance-enhancing drugs or Tonya Harding.

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Marines in Berkeley

Rob Riggle goes undercover to report on Berkeley, CA's reaction to a new Marine recruiting station.

Who Owns All The Organic Companies? (Chart)

You may be surprised to discover which big businesses are making your organic foods.

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Death masks of the famous and infamous

A death mask is a wax or plaster cast made of a person's face following death. Throughout history they have been sculpted by artists or molded directly from the dead subject out of wax or plaster

Battlebots Returns, This Time to ESPN

Battlebots never quite made sense on Comedy Central, but hell, we'd watch robots fight on the Spanish channel hosted by that bee suit guy if necessary. Now the show is coming back, limiting the challenge pool to collegiate and pro competition and airing on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Plus, some other neat changes are in the works as well.

For one, don't expect Comedy Central's awkward casting of B-list celebrity hosts. The new season starting around November will focus as much on the pit crew drama as the fights themselves (that will take place in new, far meaner arenas). And remember those lame snowplow wedge bots? Those fuckers (that essentially ruined the show) are out and a new "anything goes" class is in. Now if we could get a ban on those stupid spinning guys too, we'd really be able to get our opiate fix of robots wielding flamethrowers and chainsaws.

Life Clock Measures The Years Ticking Away

This is the Life Clock. It's just like a real clock, only it measures not hours, but years. Artist Bertrand Planes slowed the mechanism down 61320 times, so the year hand will make just one revolution in your lifetime. Morbid, and yet surprisingly peaceful. And you'll never need to adjust it for Daylight Saving Time.

The Hammer

Best Magic Eye EVER!!!

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The Cutest Little Online Game You'll Play This Week

Nifty web toy. Just drag, drop, watch the pretty patterns and entertain yourself :)

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Useless Body Parts

From wisdom teeth to ear muscles to male nipples, the human body has a number of "useless" parts. Check out these anatomical extras that humans still have but no longer need.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - Movie Trailer

How Slot Machines Are Made

Daddy Cool

The Wonderful World of Early Photography

If we take a look at the state of photography today, such as the advances of digital camera, artful image manipulation by photoshop, and even the role of paparazzi in media - and the pervasiveness of photographic images in our lives, it is easy to forget that the first photograph ever was taken just 180 years ago.

Anchor v. Reporter

40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark [2]

40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark.

Awesome Gmail tip You Don’t Know about.

Let’s say that your email address is ‘’, basically everything sent to any of the following email addresses will be forwarded to your primary email.




And that’s not all, you can place as many dots as you want, it can be even something like ‘’ and you’ll still get it on ‘’

Additionally, I just also found out that you can embed random text to your email ID using ‘+’ sign. That is to say ‘’ can be used as your email address, as well.

Ok I got it. Now what ?

1. One email for every purpose

Instead of using different email addresses for various purposes (work, school, friends, etc.) you can use different variations of your Gmail and filter incoming mails by ’sent to’ address. For instance, all incoming mail sent to ‘’ can be put to folder ‘work’, messages sent to ‘’ can be put to ‘friends’, ‘’ can be used for newsletters, and so on.

2. Track/Block spammers

When signing up for some website, say, you can add thatwebsite to your Gmail user ID (eg. This way you can block your subscription whenever you want and even identify those websites that distribute your email address to spammers.

Mario Kart for the Wii dropping April 27th

Mario Kart Wii has been slated for an April 27th launch date for the US and it comes with the Wii Wheel. There is a 12-player race mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi and includes 16 new courses as well as 16 previous courses.

Reporter Flips for a Story

Monster's iSoniCast wireless iPod bridge

wirelessly stream music from your iPod to the home audio system of your choice

100 Great Movies Every Guy MUST See

Photoshop Disasters

Conan Bugs Out

10 Guy Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Womans skin grew around the toilet seatafter 2yrs of sitting

Authorities are considering charges in the bizarre case of a woman who sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years — so long that her body was stuck to the seat by the time the boyfriend finally called police "We pried the toilet seat off with a pry bar and the seat went with her to the hospital," Whipple said. "The hospital removed it."

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Photos Of Eliot Spitzer's Hooker

Meet "Kristen," the high-priced hooker who trysted with Eliot "Client-9" Spitzer last month at that Washington, D.C. hotel. The 22-year-old prostitute's real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre (though she was born Ashley Youmans), according to a New York Times report. These photos were taken from her MySpace page.

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How to Keep the Woman in Your Life Happy

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Best Laptops Under $1000

These budget laptops--from the big-brands you know--will let you get the job done, without breaking the bank.

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How The Hand Reacts During A Karate Chop

Slowed down to 4000 frames a second, the hand transforms into a wobbly mess!

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Mythbusters to tackle the moon landing hoaxes

Set to air April 25th. The build team — Kari, Grant, and Tory — went to Marshall Space Flight Center to use a vacuum chamber there. Looks like they’ll be recreating Dave Scott’s famous feather and hammer drop from Apollo 15, as well as the hoax claim that dry lunar regolith can’t hold a footprint, and how the flag can wave in a vacuum.

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The story of the universe told in less than 4 minutes

How did we get here? - well that’s a long, long story that begins 13.7 billion years ago inside a bubble that

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Maple-Bacon Lollipops

A perfect gift for the sweet-toothed pork aficianado in your life.

HULU - Watch you favorites Anytime. Anywhere. For Free!

Patrick Stewart's Sure Hit

SNL Nicolas Fehn

SNL Digital Short: Hero Song

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beautiful HDR Chicago Cityscapes


Brent Petway of the Idaho Stampede, whom you may know better as the NBA Development League Dunk Contest Champion (or... not at all), has not only challenged Dwight Howard to a dunk contest, he showed that a mere mortal in a backwater state playing for a minor league team can perform the miraculous feats of athleticism we saw at the NBA's dunk contest. Of course, when Howard did his dunks, thousands of people burst into thunderous applause, and a panel of NBA greats held aloft signs that read "10" while today's brightest basketball stars fell over themselves in disbelief.

This is pretty much the same thing, except it's five people in an otherwise empty arena clapping politely.

[Hardwood Paroxysm via FanIQ]

HTC Advantage X7510 now up for pre-order

HTC still hasn't gotten official with the exact price or release date for its HTC Advantage X7510 handheld, but that hasn't stopped a number of retailers from putting the device up for pre-order, and at quite a range of prices to boot. As Pocketables points out, UK retailers Clove Technology and eXpansys each have the X7510 up for £595 and £700, respectively, although neither are making any promises about when it'll ship. US retailers are also offering the device at similarly varied prices, ranging from $800 at GearTrade to $1,300 at Smart Mobile Gadgets and On The Go Solutions (Google Product Search even turns one retailer by the name of PrestoMart listing it at $550, although that link unsurprisingly goes to a blank product page). For its part, Pocketables speculates that the $800 price tag is closest to the official one (which probably isn't too far off base), but we'll just have to wait for HTC to give us the final word on that.

The 50 Hottest Women of Sports

NBC, News Corp. venture Hulu to launch Wednesday

Los Angeles Business from bizjournals

Hulu, the video site that is a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp., is set to launch on Wednesday offering free ad-supported television shows and feature films, according to news reports.

The site will offer streaming content from Fox, NBC, and more than 50 other content providers, according to the New York Times. Hulu is also expected to announce partnerships with Lionsgate and Warner Brothers Television Group on Wednesday that will add their content to the Hulu library, though the company has not established partnerships with major television stations CBS or ABC, the Times reported.

Hulu, which entered beta testing in October, will also offer sports highlight clips. Its content will also appear on AOL, MSN, Comcast, MySpace and Yahoo, according to the Times.

Digg Users Are Doing Their Best To Kill An Acquisition

Plug It makes sure you always have a USB adapter with you

Aircraft Almost Near The Beach

Click for more

Drag the Screen as it is playing to pan

Ricky Gervais on Creationism

Ricky Gervais on Fat People

Monday, March 10, 2008

Beijing’s New Terminal

David Lebovitz's Candied Bacon Ice Cream

David Lebovitz's Candied Bacon Ice Cream

50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight

50 people looking for solar image of Mary lose sight

At least 50 people in Kottayam district have reportedly lost their vision after gazing at the sun looking for an image of Virgin Mary.

Though alarmed health authorities have installed a signboard to counter the rumour that a solar image of Virgin Mary appeared to the believers, curious onlookers, including foreign travellers, have been thronging the venue of the ‘miracle’.

You CAN Shoot The Dog From Duck Hunt!

Animal Planet in photos (126 photos)

Animal Planet in photos (126 photos)

The world's 50 most powerful blogs

The world's 50 most powerful blogs
From Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting about Scientology and footage from the Burmese uprising, blogging has never been bigger. It can help elect presidents and take down attorney generals while simultaneously celebrating the minutiae of our everyday obsessions.


McDonald’s Special Sauce in the 70s = LSD

McDonald’s Special Sauce in the 70s = LSD

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here's The Reason Why Some Dogs Really Hates Their's Owners

Here's The Reason Why Some Dogs Really Hates Their's Owners

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