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Cat Found! Not friendly!

Space - Female Of The Species

The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep

ABC News: The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep: "Rhett Lamb, 3, is often irritable, but it's not just the routine growing pains of a toddler's life that has affected him. It's the fact that Rhett can't sleep."

Treadmill Kittens

Save Your Own Life: How to Survive

Save Your Own Life: How to Survive ... | Advice and Know-How | Reader's Digest:

"Another 400 are struck by lightning, and 67 of those die from it. How do you keep yourself out of the statistics?

Besides calling 911, here’s what to do in 12 life-threatening emergencies when no one’s around to help."

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets

The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets : DivineCaroline: "People will do almost anything to lose weight. While the most logical, sustainable means of doing so hasn’t really changed—eat less and exercise—every day it seems there are a host of new and outlandish methods to lose those love handles. Most of these ill-fated regimes will help you lose pounds, at least in the short term, but sometimes it’s at the expense of an organ or your sanity. Here are a few of my favorites:"

Panda Bear Cub's Growth

FotoSilver Blog: Panda Bear Cub's Growth: "An amazing series of photographs documenting the first three months of a cute panda bear's growth."

Josep Imitador - Lesson in Beatbox

American housing | Map of misery

American housing | Map of misery | "Ben Bernanke this week showed off the Federal Reserve's latest gizmo for tracking America's property bust: a series of maps that colour-code price declines, foreclosures and other gauges of housing distress for every county in the country. The Fed chairman's goal was to show graphically that falling prices meant more foreclosures, and he went on to urge lenders to write down the principal on troubled loans where the house is worth less than the value of the mortgage."

Crazy Indian Video




A 5×5 square of Google images, all fetched with the same keyword, and you have to guess which one. Fun little game and there’s a highscore to beat too. Good luck!

Couple Left Dead “Grandma” Decomposing on Toilet, Told Kids She’ll Come Back to Life

Couple Left Dead “Grandma” Decomposing on Toilet, Told Kids She’ll Come Back to Life: "Juneau County sheriff’s deputy arrested Tammy D. Lewis and Alan Bushey of Necedah, Wisconsin, for two felony counts of causing mental harm to a child. See, the two left the body of a 90-year-old woman decomposing on the bathroom toilet!"

Is Rashard Lewis Overpaid? - Is Rashard Lewis Overpaid?: "All throughout NBA history there have been supposed “underrated” players or “overpaid” players, if you ask me the only basketball player that ever really deserved his huge contracts was Michael Jordan who was like a guaranteed championship and unlimited revenue when he played in Chicago, but that is beside the point, there probably won’t be another MJ (maybe Kobe). That fact is in professional sports millions and millions of dollars gets thrown around at a ridiculous rate and few players are really worth their price tag."

Ryan Seacrest in Talks to Take Over 'Larry King Live' - Report: Ryan Seacrest in Talks to Take Over 'Larry King Live' - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment: "'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest is reportedly in talks to take over Larry King's talk show.

Sources close to Seacrest told's Fishbowl L.A. that he's in 'talks' to take over for Larry King on CNN, but added it's unlikely it would happen because Seacrest has so many lucrative jobs already."

Endangered pygmy hogs released into wild - Telegraph

Endangered pygmy hogs released into wild - Telegraph: "Numbers of a critically endangered species of wild pig are to be boosted following the success of a captive breeding programme.

Pygmy hog
The pygmy hog is the world's smallest pig

Three small families of the pygmy hog will be released back into wild grasslands in Assam in north east India.

The 16 animals are the result of the only captive population of the species in the world.

The pygmy hog (Porcula salvania) is the world's smallest pig standing about 25-30 cm from the ground, and was once common across India, Nepal, and Bhutan but by the 1960s was thought to be extinct."

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint - Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint: "The checkpoint in this video was nearly 50 miles north of the Mexican border, so it would have been utterly pointless in stopping illegal immigration."

A Tiny Fish Cleans the Pools of Foreclosed Homes

For Mortgages Underwater, Help Swims In - "While lawmakers in Washington struggle to solve the nation's foreclosure crisis, officials here are using a small fish to clean up some of the mess.

The Gambusia affinis is commonly known as the 'mosquito fish' because of its healthy appetite for the larvae of the irritating and disease-spreading insects. Lately, the fish is being pressed into service in California, Arizona, Florida and other areas struggling with a soaring number of foreclosures.
[Mosquito Fish]

The problem: swimming pools of abandoned homes have turned into mosquito breeding grounds."

Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in America | The Travelers Zone

Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in America | The Travelers Zone:

"Here is the list of top 25 most visited tourist destinations in america according to forbes.

The list includes the thundering falls of Niagara, it also features the harrowing water-chutes of Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Seven of the 25 attractions are amusement parks; Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, remains on top in the theme-park world. Tourists appreciate renowned art collections and sunny beaches in equal measure.

Many foreign visitors are interested in seeing the natural scenic attractions like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks."

13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers

13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers:

"A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad's credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order.

Ralph Hardy, a 13 year old from Newark, Texas confessed to ordering an extra credit card from his father's existing credit card company, and took his friends on a $30,000 spending spree, culminating in playing 'Halo' on an Xbox with a couple of hookers in a Texas motel.

The credit card company involved said it was regular practice to send extra credit cards out as long as all security questions are answered.

The escort girls who were released without charge, told the arresting officers something was up when the kids said they would rather play Xbox than get down to business."

Friday, May 9, 2008

Need That Appendix Yanked Out? Pull It Out Your Mouth

Gadget News � Need That Appendix Yanked Out? Pull It Out Your Mouth: "No one likes having to go into a hospital for major surgery. I doubt that was the main reason for coming up with this new, non-invasive procedure that allows doctors to remove your appendix sans pain. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it sure beats having your guts cut apart."

Roberto Duran - The Greatest Lightweight

Can you name the National Football League Teams?

Can you name the National Football League Teams?

FOX Sports on MSN - MLB -

Top 10: Worst franchises in pro sports

Every fan wants to cheer for a team that has the championship history of the New England Patriots, New York Yankees or Detroit Red Wings. Unfortunately, many get stuck with a long string of bad luck, like the Chicago Cubs; thrifty ownership, like the now-defunct Montreal Expos; or a dim-witted front office that is unable to make logical personnel decisions, like the current New York Knicks.
Here is a list of the top 10 worst sports franchises currently in operation.

Meatwater | High Efficiency Survival Beverage

Meatwater | High Efficiency Survival Beverage

Coble Family Triplets Born Wednesday Night

Coble Family Triplets Born Wednesday Night: "Ranch, who lost three children in a freeway accident almost one year ago, announced the birth of triplets Wednesday night.

The babies -- two girls and a boy -- are listed in good condition at Children's Hospital at Mission. They were born each one minute apart."

The Many Faces of Michael Scott

12 Monuments Dedicated to Death and Destruction

WebUrbanist � 12 Monuments Dedicated to Death and Destruction: From War Memorials to Military Sculptures:

"War monuments are in many ways the most captivating structures mankind creates. Perhaps they catch our attention because they symbolize our most violent moments or the extremes of victory and defeat that transcend everyday reality. Some of these structures commemorate turning points in history, wins and losses that changed the courses of countries or even entire continents. Others are simply awesome architectural designs worthy of appreciation in their own right. From around the world, here are twelve of the most memorable, unique and extraordinary war monuments and memorials in military history."

Happy Mother's Day: Woman pregnant with 18th child

Happy Mother's Day: Woman pregnant with 18th child

"It's a happy Mother's Day for an Arkansas woman - she's pregnant with her 18th child.

Michelle Duggar, 41, is due on New Year's Day, and the latest addition will join seven sisters and 10 brothers. There are two sets of twins.

'We've had three in January, three in December. Those two months are a busy time for us,' she said, laughing.

The Duggars' oldest child, Josh, is 20, and the youngest, Jennifer, is nine months old."

Finding Amanda - Movie Trailer

From director Peter Tolan, creator of the hit television series Rescue Me, comes Finding Amanda, a hilarious and heartbreaking autobiographical comedy about the compulsions we can’t shake, and the unlikely lengths we’ll go to while trying.

Noise - Movie Trailer

Director Henry Bean (“The Believer”) returns to the big screen with a complete rarity in American movies today: a comedy of ideas. David (Oscar-winner Tim Robbins) is a successful lawyer who can’t stand the fact that Manhattan is a place where it’s too noisy to get a good night’s sleep, listen to classical music, or even make love to his wife without disturbance. Every time David hears a car alarm going off, he swings into action. Adopting the guise of “The Rectifier,” he engages in acts of vandalism that satisfy him immensely but which generate no end of grief from his wife (Bridget Moynahan). They also make him politically controversial when he provokes the ire of the city’s arrogant mayor (Oscar-winner William Hurt).

The Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Test

The Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Test

Leighton Alabama Tornado - online games

What’s the Difference: Coke vs. Pepsi

mental_floss Blog � What’s the Difference: Coke vs. Pepsi: "There’s no denying that cola aficionados have refined palettes. They can tell a vintage RC Cola just from the nose, and their cellars are stocked full of Shasta, Tab and Pepsi Kona. Needless to say, they weren’t born this way. They’ve spent years cultivating their knowledge base, and getting refills at soda counters. If you’re looking to refine your carbonated smarts, though, mental_floss can help. In honor of Coca-Cola being invented today (way back in 1886!), we’ve decided to clue readers in on the quick tricks of how to spot a Coke from a Pepsi"

Beautiful people are healthier and live longer

Why beauty is an advert for good genes - Telegraph: "Beautiful people are healthier and live longer, according to a study of sex appeal.

Why beauty is a biological advert for good genes
High and low symmetry composite faces for macaques, Hadza, and Europeans

The discovery has come from research conducted across cultures and species that focused on one trait that earlier work found was attractive: symmetry."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Platypus Looks Strange on the Inside, Too

Platypus Genome - Animals - Science - New York Times:

"If it has a bill and webbed feet like a duck, lays eggs like a bird or a reptile but also produces milk and has a coat of fur like a mammal, what could the genetics of the duck-billed platypus possibly be like? Well, just as peculiar: an amalgam of genes reflecting significant branching and transitions in evolution."

Avoid Sex With Anyone From The Following Schools

CO-ED Magazine � Avoid Sex With Anyone From The Following Schools: "Trojan Condoms has released their annual The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card listing the sexual health of students at 139 D-1 schools.

University of Minnesota sits atop the list as America’s Most Sexually Healthy College while my school, Seton Hall University, ranked in the middle of the road at #72.

Trojan gave each school a “Sexual Health GPA” based on numerous factors, ranging from free contraception to the availablility of sexual awareness programs. Let’s see which schools graduated with honors and which ones, well, have herpes.

America’s 5 cleanest universities are…

1. University of Minnesota (Sexual Health GPA 3.91)
2. University of Wyoming (Sexual Health GPA 3.91)
3. University of Washington (Sexual Health GPA 3.73)
4. Rutgers University (Sexual Health GPA 3.68)
5. Purdue University (Sexual Health GPA 3.64)

America’s 5 dirtiest universities are…

135. Villanova University (Sexual Health GPA 1.45)
136. University of Arkansas (Sexual Health GPA 1.36)
137. Arkansas State University (Sexual Health GPA 1.14)
138. University of Louisiana (Sexual GPA Health 0.91)
139. Louisiana Tech University (Sexual Health GPA 0.82)"

The 20 Craziest Collector Car Stories of All Time (Part 1)

Sports Car Market Magazine > You Can’t Make This Stuff Up… The 20 Craziest Collector Car Stories of All Time (Part 1):

"Bizarre automotive stories surface from time to time and the best ones just never seem to die. Thanks to the Internet, they keep rolling around the world, to be discovered by a new generation. These will likely ring some bells – maybe your grandfather told them to you?"

Why We Collect Stuff? “How little we actually need in order to be happy.“"

Stuff-onomics: Hidden Side of What You Own | "I’ve learned so many life lessons in the past few months, and I’ll start to share them with you over time. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned is how little we actually need. How little we need in order to be happy.

After traveling for several months in one bag: two pairs of pants, a few shirts, a jacket, several books, and my iPod (which I used once)…. Coming home to 50 boxes full of Stuff, it felt like my world was once again being weighed down by things I didn’t need. It felt as if the things will consume more of me than I will ever consume of it. Thus, my new project: to simplify my life… starting with Stuff.

Why We Collect Stuff?

“How little we actually need in order to be happy.“"

HIPerSpace monitor wall makes a great Grand Theft Auto IV canvas

HIPerSpace monitor wall makes a great Grand Theft Auto IV canvas - Engadget:

5 of History’s Great Bank Robberies

5 of History’s Great Bank Robberies: "When the famous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he supposedly replied, “That’s where the money is.” Sutton claimed he never actually said it. Pity. Someone should have. Anyway, here are the stories of five famous bank robberies."

The Clone Wars Poster Revealed

The Clone Wars Poster Revealed

"This is the poster for the upcoming Clone Wars animated feature hitting theaters this August 15th"

Nine Extremely Odd Jobs

Nine Extremely Odd Jobs : DivineCaroline:

"Sometimes, while sitting in a cubicle in a tall office building with re-circulated air and fluorescent lighting, it is fun to imagine the jobs of others, whose day-to-day encompasses the challenging, the arduous, the unsavory, and the random. These jobs make you happy to be in a cubicle."

Colossal Castle or Humble Home? Same Price – Your Choice

Colossal Castle or Humble Home? Same Price

"The subprime mortgage crisis has hit. America is homeless, broke, foreclosed, and in the midst of a financial crisis. Similar to when there were rumors of the draft resurfacing, many of us are saying, “I’m moving to Canada.” However, I urge you to look beyond our friendly northern neighbor to a more majestic and—dare I say—regal era. From the rolling green pastures of France, to the sparkling coastline of Mexico, why live in a cramped, rat-infested junior one-bedroom when you can reign high in your very own castle?"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dad died saving his little girl

Dad died saving his little girl :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime: "With an out-of-control car bearing down, Joseph Richardson grabbed his 4-year-old daughter and held her up out of harm's way.

It was his last act -- and one that apparently saved his daughter's life.

Richardson, a 39-year-old father of three, was killed Monday evening by the car, driven by a man who police say was drunk.

The car pinned Richardson and his daughter Kaniyah against a wrought iron fence at 95th Street and Wentworth, police said.

Kaniyah survived and was listed in critical but stable condition Tuesday evening at Comer Children's Hospital, where a spokeswoman said she was doing well.

'He held the baby up to keep the car from destroying the baby, but it totally destroyed him,' said Richardson's father, the Rev. L.V. Richardson."

A Cocktail Guaranteed To Boost Your Marketing - A Cocktail Guaranteed To Boost Your Marketing:

"This cocktail can be conceived as a recipe for effectively distributing a certain product or brand, or it could be compared to the primary colors that an artist uses to make a painting. The point is that different combinations of this particular cocktail can be used to provide different results, or rather a different positioning for the brand."

Addictomatic: Inhale the Web

Addictomatic: Inhale the Web

Menstrual blood 'can repair hearts'

Menstrual blood 'can repair hearts' | The Daily Telegraph:

"Scientists obtained menstrual blood from nine women and cultivated it for about a month, focusing on a kind of cell that can act like stem cells.

Some 20 per cent of the cells began beating spontaneously about three days after being put together in vitro with cells from the hearts of rats. The cells from menstrual blood eventually formed sheet-like heart-muscle tissue."

May 7, 1895: Calculator Learns to Multiply

May 7, 1895: Calculator Learns to Multiply: "Otto Steiger receives a patent for his Millionaire calculating machine. It may not have been fruitful, but it multiplied.

The history of calculators stretches back to the invention of the abacus around 2500 B.C. through early attempts by mathematicians like Blaise Pascal and various 19th-century machines, including Charles Babbage's famous difference engine. By the late 19th century, some of these mechanical wonders could add and subtract, but could only simulate multiplication through repeated addition."

The Pancake: An Appreciation

History of pancakes - Restaurant Business Magazine Online:

"Americans have their flapjacks and Hungarians their palascintas. Seems that a culture isn't a culture without its very own pancake.

True, the supple golden discs are more common in the Western world, but pancakes sizzle on far-flung griddles in Indonesia, Syria and China. The pervasive, persistent pancake is, simply put, pandemic.

Why is that? What's so special about pancakes that they defy history and national borders? What propels them into the upper echelon of elemental foods along with puddings, soups and stews, the dishes that make all of humanity salivate? The pancake has even vaulted a rung higher on the culinary ladder as it looms large in our imagination, inspiring folktales, sayings, festivals, silly races and ritualized food fights. How can such a humble foodstuff hold such sway?"

Can you suffer from chronic tiredness?

Can you suffer from chronic tiredness? | Medical Hand:

"Tiredness is also known as fatigue. It settles in the human body in a moment when its resources, physical or psychical, are overused and, accordingly, the human body reacts protecting itself by not responding in a prompt manner to various stimulus."

Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens

HeraldNet: Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens at Alderwood mall:

"Marci Milfs went to Urban Outfitters to find clothes for her teenage son.

She was surprised to find sexually charged books that she believes have no place in a clothing store for teens and young adults.

On one end of the spectrum was 'Porn for Women,' a photo book showing men doing housework. On the other was 'Pornogami: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults,' a guide for making anatomically correct artwork.

'When I saw it, I was shocked,' Milfs said."

Why food looks more appealing when hungry

Why food looks more appealing when hungry - Telegraph:

"Hunger really does make food look more appetising, say scientists.

A brain scan study has revealed that the appetite-stimulating gut hormone ghrelin rules our heads by making food look yummier too. The hormone is known to rise before meals, then fall after.

Researchers around the world are developing drugs and vaccines to block ghrelin, as a new approach to combat obesity."

It Might Be True That 'Men Marry Their Mothers'

It Might Be True That 'Men Marry Their Mothers':

"ScienceDaily (May 7, 2008) — Whether a young man's mother earned a college degree and whether she worked outside the home while he was growing up seems to have an effect years later when he considers his ideal wife, according to a study by University of Iowa sociologist Christine Whelan."

High-achieving men -- those who earn salaries in the top 10 percent for their age and/or have a graduate degree -- are highly likely to marry a woman whose education level mirrors their mom's.

What Ruins Beer and What Doesn't:

WallStreetFighter: What Ruins Beer and What Doesn't: An Important Consumer Experiment:

"Every guy thinks he knows how to take care of his beer. In the same way every guy thinks he knows what his girlfriend is thinking. In both circumstances we are usually wrong.

Lew Bryson, a writer for Portfolio (who should be considered a saint or at least granted a Nobel Prize for all his hard work), rigorously pushed beers to their physical ends to find out how to properly treat one."

Bizarre Japanese Arcade Game: Live Lobster Catcher

Bizarre Japanese Arcade Game: Live Lobster Catcher | Weird Asia News:

"Remember those coin-operated “claw” games in the 80’s, where you could snag some fuzzy dice if you moved the robot hand with enough skill?

Well the Japanese arcades have a weirder, more sophisticated version. Having long moved on from useless stuffed animal prizes, the client�le are hungry for something more interesting and substantial… like a delicious live lobster!"

Injured Horses You Didnt See

Injured Horses You Didnt See - The Rail - Sports - New York Times Blog:

"Will the death of the Kentucky Derby runner-up spur any real, meaningful change within the thoroughbred racing industry? Does it take a nationally televised catastrophe to bring about significant, long-term betterment to racehorse safety?

Eight Belles was the unfortunate talk of the nation after collapsing past the wire in the Kentucky Derby. But the ill-fated filly was not the only thoroughbred whose career took an abrupt and ugly turn on the first Saturday in May — she just happened to be the only one whose death was witnessed by millions of people."

Top 10 Most Questionable Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Top 10 Most Questionable Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame:

"Sean “Diddy” Combs’ many years of saying things in recording studios and occupying club booths finally culminated this week with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but before we go ahead and criticize the Hollywood Sidewalk Star-Awarding Committee for lowering their standards, let’s take a quick look at some other slightly shaky Stars on the Walk of Fame:"

10 Music Websites That You Will Surely Want to Bookmark

Music Rocks: 10 Music Websites That You Will Surely Want to Bookmark:

"Music is the universal language that knows no boundaries and is only limited by the creativity of its creators. These 10 music websites are bursting at the seams with explosive music talent that transcends the expectations of lovers of great music and great fun."

The Worst Natural Disasters Ever

The Worst Natural Disasters Ever | LiveScience: "When Nature unleashes her fury, humanity can seem instantly frail and subordinate. Cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes can kill thousands in moments. Often the final death tolls are never truly known."

The Beauty and the Mystery of the Wrecked Ships

Dark Roasted Blend: Shipwrecks & Sea Disasters: "This article will highlight the most incredible shipwrecks around the world and maybe prompt a curious expedition or two. Go check them out while they still exist, daily battered by the wind and merciless waves."

Spinning Blimp Wind Turbines Take Test Flight!

Spinning Blimp Wind Turbines Take Test Flight! | EcoGeek: "Magenn Power Inc. has moved forward and begun testing a prototype of their MARS (Magenn Air Rotor System) inside an old US Navy airship hangar before beginning outdoor trials at a customer's site in a few weeks. The MARS is a lighter-than-air turbine which is tethered to the ground between 300 and 1000 feet (roughly 90 to 300 meters) with conducting cables that transmit electricity to the ground. It is basically a blimp with its body configured with blades to catch the wind in order to generate power."

The demise of the NBA Nickname

The demise of the NBA Nickname

Up until the early to mid 90's, NBA nicknames were pretty cool. By comparison, NBA nicknames today are just horrible. Let's take a look at some of todays biggest stars."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy Chinese Web Page

Folding your arms can help your brain: study

Folding your arms can help your brain: study:

"The mere act of folding your arms increases perseverance and activates an unconscious desire to succeed, new research shows.

University students randomly assigned to sit with their arms crossed spent more time on an impossible-to-solve anagram, or word scramble, in one experiment, and came up with more correct solutions to solvable anagrams in another than those told to sit with their hands on their thighs.

The study is the first to show that arm crossing affects people's thinking without them being consciously aware of it."

What Happened??

ESPN - Connecticut boy finally takes off Favre jersey after years - NFL

ESPN - Connecticut boy finally takes off Favre jersey after years - NFL:

"Finally, David Witthoft shunned his Brett Favre jersey for the first time in 1,581 days.

The Ridgefield, Conn. boy, 12, wore the No. 4 jersey every day since receiving it as a gift for Christmas in 2003. David's father, Chuck Witthoft, said Monday that his son's last day wearing the jersey was April 23 -- his 12th birthday.

Witthoft conceded his son was starting to become more concerned about his appearance after the jersey barely came down to his belt line."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Brokaw calls Stewart's role 'important'

Michael Calderone's Blog - "The Daily Iowan, one of a Politico's campus partners, conducted a Q&A with Tom Brokaw and asked about the younger generation of news consumers.

Daily Iowan: A lot of the younger generation are getting a lot of their news from 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report.' Is that eroding into the nightly news?

Tom Brokaw: Jon Stewart and I have talked about this a lot, and it troubles him a lot because he is a very serious consumer of news. I keep reassuring him, because I don't think he really needs to be reassured, that what he is doing is important because what he is doing is bringing people to the subject matter, and they can't watch Jon for half-an-hour, and they can't watch Steven for half-an-hour, without having some interest what else is going on in the world.

Watch the video here.

By Michael Calderone 05:34 PM"

Study shows breast-fed children are smarter

Study shows breast-fed children are smarter | Reuters:

"A new study provides some of the best evidence to date that breast-feeding can make children smarter, an international team of researchers said on Monday.

Children whose mothers breast-fed them longer and did not mix in baby formula scored higher on intelligence tests, the researchers in Canada and Belarus reported.

About half the 14,000 babies were randomly assigned to a group in which prolonged and exclusive breast-feeding by the mother was encouraged at Belarussian hospitals and clinics. The mothers of the other babies received no special encouragement."

Gay Bigfoot & the 7 Weirdest Mythical Creatures in the World |

Gay Bigfoot & the 7 Weirdest Mythical Creatures in the World |

"Every country has its own Bigfoot. Some are terrifying, some are awesome, and some are just plain ridiculous. We've found the seven creatures that manage to be all three.

If these freaks of nature actually exist (and we really hope some of them don't), it proves beyond doubt that the whole world is just one big pile of bat-shit blithering fuckcrazy."

Actor collapses on stage for real during heart attack scene

Actor collapses on stage for real during heart attack scene - The Daily Record:

"A SICK actor collapsed on stage - at the same time as his character was meant to have a heart attack and die.

Steve Dineen was taken to hospital after he keeled over during the dramatic finale of Mike Leigh's famous comedy Abigail's Party.

In the play, lead character Laurence dies of a heart attack in the final minutes and Dineen was moments away from acting out the death.

So when he fell suddenly to the floor, the audience at Musselburgh's Brunton Theatre thought it was just part of his impressive performance.

But co-star Alice Selwyn noticed Dineen's struggle was genuine and came out of character to ask for a doctor.

The actor was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and kept in overnight for tests."

The ultimate diet foods list

Welcome to : Health & Fitness : The ultimate diet foods list:

"It's that time of year again! With bathing suit season around the corner, it's time to get rid of excess weight that keeps you from reaching your weight-loss goals. In order to lose weight and keep it off for good, you must... eat.

To lose weight in a sensible way, focus on eating and drinking quality calories and balancing your hormones. Hormonal balance is a dietary approach that regulates blood sugar by avoiding foods that make your body over-secrete the hormone insulin (excess insulin = excess fat storage). Eating for hormonal balance involves choosing from the following three food groups:"