Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Steve Jobs key to selecting tunes for Apple ads

Steve Jobs key to selecting tunes for Apple ads: "Ever wonder how those catchy tunes find their way into Apple's iPod commercials? You'll have to look no further than the ear of chief executive Steve Jobs.

In a SongFacts interview with the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, beatmaker Lars Iversen explains how his band's hyperkinetic track 'Around The Bend' was selected as the jingle for Apple's second-generation iPod touch television ad.

The Danish band is represented in the United States by a little-known company called Synch, which managed to get in touch with Apple and arrange for a sit down meeting with Jobs himself.

While listening to some of the songs suggested by Synch, the Apple co-founder reportedly slammed on the brakes during a sample of 'Around The Bend,' declaring, 'This is it, this is the new track for the iPod Touch.'"