Monday, March 31, 2008

Another reason McFadden isn't worth the risk

Dallas Morning News

Few will argue that McFadden is the most dynamic player on the board, but there are character concerns. Two years ago, he was involved in a vicious fight outside a nightclub that left his left big toe hideously dislocated, mangled so badly that it revealed the bone.

Sobbing uncontrollably in the ambulance, McFadden called friends and relatives on his cell phone to apologize and vow that he'd never do anything that reckless again. But he did. There was another nightclub altercation in his hometown of Little Rock, where he was handcuffed, but not arrested, for "provoking aggressive behavior," according to police.

The former Arkansas tailback has no criminal record, but his rowdy behavior, coupled with stories about illegitimate children and paternity suits, has prompted teams to dig into his background. They want to know: Superman or Pacman?