Thursday, October 30, 2008

AppVee - Daily iPhone app video reviews!

AppVee - Daily iPhone app video reviews! "AppVee is an iPhone obsessed, San Francisco based company. Seeing the huge potential of the App Store, we knew that we had a revolution on our hands. The iPhone has single-handedly changed the way we think about mobile computing. With this explosion, though, comes a tidal wave of developers and applications. Great for the consumer, but a nightmare to sort through. What's right for me? Is this worth the money? What about this versus that? Should I even bother downloading?

This is why we created AppVee.

AppVee is a review site with a unique perspective. We look closely at hundreds (soon to be, thousands) of apps and bring in-depth reviews to the consumer. Coupled with screenshots, video reviews, user reviews, recommendations, and real analysis, AppVee is looking to be the one-stop shop for deciding on and learning about new applications."


Anonymous said...

Professional iPhone App Reviews. Read all our reviews before wasting your money on lame apps.