Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vermont ranked as healthiest state in U.S

Vermont ranked as healthiest state in U.S. : "The United Health Foundation has named Vermont the nation's healthiest state as part of its annual 'America's Health Rankings,' though it noted overall health in the country had failed to improve.

This marks the second straight year Vermont has achieved the ranking. Louisiana was ranked the least healthy state."

The full report, “America’s Health Rankings 2008,” can be found on the foundation’s Web site,


The top 10 states in terms of overall health in 2008, according to the United Health Foundation:

1. Vermont

2. Hawaii

3. New Hampshire

4. Minnesota

5. Utah

6. Massachusetts

7. Connecticut

8. Idaho

9. Maine

10. Washington

The 10 states at the bottom of the list:

40. Alabama

41. Georgia

42. Nevada

43. Arkansas, Oklahoma

45. Florida

46. Texas

47. Tennessee

48. South Carolina

49. Mississippi

50. Louisiana