Saturday, January 31, 2009

Girl Scouts decrease cookie size, not cost

Girl Scouts decrease cookie size, not cost: "Fans of Girl Scout cookies in cities like Los Angeles will find smaller cookies in each box despite the price staying the same, a Girl Scout official says.

Carol Dedrich, a Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles spokeswoman, said the organization decided to shrink their cookies instead of increasing the cost of their traditional product, The Los Angeles Daily News said Friday.

Dedrich said the cookie boxes themselves will also be smaller this year, but their cost will remain at $4 despite the changes.

The changes in the cookie products will likely serve as a good lesson for Girl Scouts nationwide, the spokeswoman added.

'The focus of the cookie program is not just about selling cookies,' Dedrich told the Daily News.

'It's about teaching the girls how to market, develop budgets and provide good customer service. ... This is a great opportunity for the girls to truly understand how the economy affects everyone and everything in business.'"

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