Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ohio Teen Charged as Accessory in Identical Twin's Murder

Ohio Teen Charged as Accessory in Identical Twin's Murder
"The death of Dennis Lewis was shocking enough: The National Honor Society student and marching band member was shot in his bedroom while masked robbers held a gun on his mother in another room.

Then police arrested his identical twin, an advanced placement student also active in their high school band. Authorities are accusing Derris Lewis of taking part in the attack and being an accomplice in his brother's death, saying his bloody palm print was found in the bedroom where Dennis was killed."


Anonymous said...

I know the twins.... and friends and family.... It hit hard at East High School when they found out Dennis had been killed, It hit even harder when They found out the police arrested Derris for the murder of his twin brother, It especially hit hard for The East High School Marching Tigers, which is their band... Not only were the twins in the band, both of their girlfriends were too... and their band is a religous band... Mrs. Hal is though on them... Everyone does not believe that Derris did this... and I dont personally know them all like that but, I believe he had nothing to do with it...

They did absolutly everything together, they tryed to do every sport, they went to school no matter how sick they were, they never skipped a beat.

Dennis is in a better place, bcuz the world is the most horrible place you can be... He's looking down on all of us right now... In my opinion, Twins are the closest people on Earth, even if you have been married to your husband/wife for 75 years, that still does not compare to how close Twins are...