Sunday, August 24, 2008

The mystery of the over-accessoried track athletes

The mystery of the over-accessoried track athletes : "Jeremy Wariner wears sunglasses at night. Dayron Robles sports a chain so thick that Mr. T thinks it's ostentatious. Gail Devers used to run sprints with her fingernails long and freshly manicured. And while winning the 400m hurdles in Beijing, Melaine Walker had on earrings so big, my niece could have used them as hula hoops.

While swimmers try to cut down on resistance by shaving their body hair, squeezing into form-fitting suits and wearing multiple caps, track athletes are decked out with so many accoutrements it looks like they're going to the prom. Our loyal readers want to know: what's the deal with all the track fashion accessories? As always, when help is needed, Fourth-Place Medal's Investigative Unit is on the case."