Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The 32 Best PC Games

The 32 Best PC Games: "It's the granddaddy of all consoles. It defines gaming culture. We use our computers to socialize, to communicate, to read news and troll forums. We e-mail, we IM, and despite the systems in our living rooms, a good many of us still game on our computers, too. Because let's face it: there's no better place to play the most hardware-frying games or reminisce about old times than the PC.

Consoles may have become the center of modern gaming, but they owe everything to the computer's classics. The thing is, only a handful of those classics remain as fun today as they were in their prime. Add them to recent history's most popular titles, and you've got this list: our take on today's top 32 must-own PC games."


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