Monday, December 22, 2008

Donor Drops $50,000 in Salvation Army Kettles

Anonymous Donor Drops $50,000 in Salvation Army Kettles"JOPLIN, Mo. — An anonymous donor has come through again for the Salvation Army, dropping five cashier's checks for $10,000 each into kettles at the city's two Wal-Mart stores.

It's the fifth straight year someone has given $50,000 to the Salvation Army's annual holiday fundraiser without taking credit for the generous gesture. And while Capt. Jason Poff says he doesn't budget for the money in advance, but he admits that it's something he does hope for each year.

'We try not to plan on it because it is a gift,' Poff said.

The checks, purchased from Commerce Bank, were dropped into the kettles Thursday. The remitter identified the giver as 'Santa Claus.'"