Friday, December 26, 2008

Police: 'Missing' Florida Baby Never Existed

Police: 'Missing' Florida Baby Never Existed: "A 6-month-old boy whose mother reported him missing two days ago doesn't actually exist, Miami police said Friday.

Megan McCormic, 22, was arrested for supplying false information to police for a crime occurred, a misdemeanor, according to the Miami Herald.

McCormic admitted that she invented the child, whom she called Riley Archer Buchness, to lure ex-boyfriend John Buchness to Miami to meet his supposed son. She claimed her infant son had a mohawk and a tattoo."


Unknown said...

I'm very late in finding this out. This all doesn't make any sense to me. I broke up with him so that he could be with his son. From my perspective everything was confirmed that he was the father of her child, meaning paternity test and everything. He told me he had seen his son and everything......I'm going crazy. Mind you, this all happened to me in Aug. of '08. I'm going crazy right now.