Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eccentric Man Killed by His Own Garbage Maze

Eccentric Man Killed by His Own Garbage Maze: "You'd think that if a man turned his house into an intricate labyrinth of garbage tunnels, he would have either A. memorized said maze or B. made a map. Unfortunately, Gordon Stewart, 74, apparently failed to do either of these things. He got lost in the burrows and didn't make it out of his home alive.

Neighbors called the police when they hadn't seen Mr. Stewart leave his Broughton, England, house for several days. But before the cops could go in to search, they had to call in a specialized diving team, whose breathing apparatus would shield them from the powerful funk of at least 10 years' worth of accumulated riffraff fashioned into a human Habitrail. This was obviously a home in need of a feminine touch. Or a mop. Or a bulldozer."