Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Go Girl" Lets Girls Go Standing Up

"Go Girl" Lets Girls Go Standing Up: "Ladies can now boldly go how no lady has gone before - standing up.

The 'Go-Girl' is a new device that lets women use the bathroom just like the guys - on their feet.

The product is targeted for 'on-the-go' women who don't have time to waste in the bathroom or on the porcelain throne.

The small, pink canister was developed for women with hip or knee replacements who couldn't physically use the bathroom sitting down, WCCO-CBS reports.

Creator Sarah Dillon quickly realized that it could be marketed to active women who needed to go, and fast.

'It's an edgy product,' Dillon said.

She encouraged women to 'have fun with' the product, which comes with a funnel attachment for mess-free relief.

The Go-Girls retail on for $4.99 per device, or $11.99 for three."