Friday, March 14, 2008

Battlebots Returns, This Time to ESPN

Battlebots never quite made sense on Comedy Central, but hell, we'd watch robots fight on the Spanish channel hosted by that bee suit guy if necessary. Now the show is coming back, limiting the challenge pool to collegiate and pro competition and airing on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Plus, some other neat changes are in the works as well.

For one, don't expect Comedy Central's awkward casting of B-list celebrity hosts. The new season starting around November will focus as much on the pit crew drama as the fights themselves (that will take place in new, far meaner arenas). And remember those lame snowplow wedge bots? Those fuckers (that essentially ruined the show) are out and a new "anything goes" class is in. Now if we could get a ban on those stupid spinning guys too, we'd really be able to get our opiate fix of robots wielding flamethrowers and chainsaws.