Friday, July 4, 2008

Survey: 10,000 laptops lost at U.S. airports every week

Survey: 10,000 laptops lost at U.S. airports every week - Today In the Sky - "More than 10,000 laptops are lost or stolen each week at U.S. airports, says security industry executive Richard Stiennon in a blog for He cites a survey conducted by The Ponemon Institute, a monitor of privacy and security issues.

About 65% of them are not reclaimed, and half the laptops contain confidential corporate information, says the survey, which was sponsored by Dell. The data results were released last month as Dell introduced its new laptop data protection services for business travelers.

Stiennon suggests a few tips. Place your laptop in the first bin at the checkpoint, and put your laptop bag in front of it. Place a second bin with your shoes, belt, purse, wallet, etc. behind your laptop. Your carry-on bag should go last. The second bin and the carry-on separate the laptop from the person behind you.

The first thing you should do on the other side is claim your laptop and put it away in the briefcase.

He also suggests marking your laptop with a sticker, so that others don't pick it up by mistake."