Thursday, April 16, 2009

NARO - The Free Leaning Narrow Car

NARO - The Free Leaning Narrow Car
he NARO vehicle concept evolved from initial research work carried out by Prodrive in 2003. The Narrow Car Company has licensed this work and is developing the concept through to production. The objective of The Narrow Car Company is to develop the NARO vehicle concept to provide both licence and manufacturing opportunities.

The NARO vehicle concept was born to address the increasing problems of congestion, pollution and parking scarcity that our cities face. Independent research undertaken to investigate the effect of narrow vehicles on traffic flow in urban environments shows that once a certain density is reached within the vehicle fleet, traffic queues can be shortened and journey times reduced. All of this is possible without making any changes to the infrastructure.

The NARO vehicle concept is a "free leaning" vehicle that improves the mobility of the commuter and addresses the key issues of efficiency and emissions.