Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Multi-tasking no sweat for Owings" by MLB Blog

"Multi-tasking no sweat for Owings" by MLB Blog:

“You go into Arizona, you know the chances are three out of five that you get Brandon Webb, Dan Haren or Randy Johnson, or you get Doug Davis, who won 15 games last year," Padres ace Jake Peavy said. "And Micah Owings can both pitch and rake."

"Rake," in baseball parlance, meaning hit the ball well. The quote was taken well before Owings struck a tying pinch-hit homer to the opposite field Wednesday, raising his batting average to .421 and his OPS to 1.082, just stupid numbers for a starting pitcher who's not that long into only his second big-league season. Asked if baseball's ever seen anyone like Owings, teammate Conor Jackson invoked the hallowed named of Babe Ruth.