Saturday, August 16, 2008

ShotPak: Controversial and Convenient Booze

ShotPak: Controversial and Convenient Booze | Serious Eats: "A bottle of whiskey may not be appropriate on a camping trip, but a shot or two? Perfectly acceptable! That's when ShotPak comes to the rescue—for all those times that you need a shot of something, whether it's a hit of whiskey or vodka and raspberry cocktail, and need it in a easy-to-carry form. The patented ShotPack pouch 'has the lowest carbon dioxide footprint of any container used to package alcohol in the world' and each one contains 50 milliliters of liquid. The easy-tear opening means there's little standing in between you and your booze.

But the ShotPak may be too convenient, making it appealing to those under 21. The Los Angeles Times investigates opposition to the ShotPak: 'The company's critics call it a blatant play to entice underage drinkers and to get alcohol into schools and other public venues where it wouldn't ordinarily be drunk.' Who does this 'party in a pouch' appeal to more: kids or adults?"