Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Steve Sax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Steve Sax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Though never regarded as one of the top fielding second baseman in the league, Steve Sax inexplicably became incapable of making routine throws to first base in 1983, committing 30 errors that season. This is referred to in baseball terminology as 'Steve Blass disease', named after the Pirates pitcher who suffered a similar breakdown of basic mechanics. As his accuracy suffered, fans sitting behind the first base dugout began wearing batting helmets as mock protection. (Teammate Pedro Guerrero, an outfielder pressed into service at third base in 1983, once reportedly stated that his first thought whenever he was in the field was 'I hope they don't hit it to me,' while his second thought was 'I hope they don't hit it to Sax.') By 1989, however, Sax seemed to be completely 'cured', leading the American League in both fielding percentage and double plays."