Thursday, May 8, 2008

Avoid Sex With Anyone From The Following Schools

CO-ED Magazine � Avoid Sex With Anyone From The Following Schools: "Trojan Condoms has released their annual The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card listing the sexual health of students at 139 D-1 schools.

University of Minnesota sits atop the list as America’s Most Sexually Healthy College while my school, Seton Hall University, ranked in the middle of the road at #72.

Trojan gave each school a “Sexual Health GPA” based on numerous factors, ranging from free contraception to the availablility of sexual awareness programs. Let’s see which schools graduated with honors and which ones, well, have herpes.

America’s 5 cleanest universities are…

1. University of Minnesota (Sexual Health GPA 3.91)
2. University of Wyoming (Sexual Health GPA 3.91)
3. University of Washington (Sexual Health GPA 3.73)
4. Rutgers University (Sexual Health GPA 3.68)
5. Purdue University (Sexual Health GPA 3.64)

America’s 5 dirtiest universities are…

135. Villanova University (Sexual Health GPA 1.45)
136. University of Arkansas (Sexual Health GPA 1.36)
137. Arkansas State University (Sexual Health GPA 1.14)
138. University of Louisiana (Sexual GPA Health 0.91)
139. Louisiana Tech University (Sexual Health GPA 0.82)"