Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cat Found! Not friendly!


Anonymous said...

I have intended to play for a long time to turn a roulette in an online casino, but I can not make a choice as for a proper worthy gamble-resource.
With varying success I played tested my fortune on conditional money in such internet casinos, as Grand Casino, Vabank, in JOKERBANK, in AceKing.
As a matter of fact, while you are playing on conditional money virtual stakes you win often enough. There is a question – whether I can entrust casino real money.
I have heard that there are some diplomas certificates which special commissions on supervising internet gambling give to casinos.
I am curious tell me please - where it is possible to look at them and what their form is in general.
Also I have seen in some casinos an option trick - «honesty control» - there are some figures and letters in the window, I can not understand what it can mean how much I can trust it.
Then, if to transfer money gained in casino on electronic wallet - who will pay the commission to Webmoney system?
And, at last, the main thing is why do we need bonuses if they are necessary to be won back in a real form, which exceeds the bonus sum by 20-30 times? That is, to receive $1 from the casino I am charged I should risk $30? Can it be profitable?
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Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot True or untrue? For more than 400 years, there happen to be reporting’s of a guy like monster that may be wholly covered in hair.